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Frage von Jan-Paul:

I've a Composite/S- DVI to video adapter to connect to my television s.meinen Powermac. At first I could connect easily to the synonymous and had a picture on the television. But then I adjusted the monitor settings and now get only a black screen. When I look back on a monitor settings runtersetze and then plugging the adapter, the television is still black. I believe that the calculator has noticed the wrong settings and now uses them as soon as I plug in the composite adapter. The P-delete Ram (6 times in succession) is synonymous nothing availed. I can now the settings are not set back because I have no picture. Does anyone next?


Antwort von Josefa:

Hi Jan-Paul, where you have the adapter here, I seek an urgent one synonymous

gruß michael


Antwort von Jan-Paul:


in apple. en in the shop can order it. But in well-stocked stores you can find the Mac synonymous. Can you look synonymous times after Alternativanbieterb because the Apple stuff is stop sauteuer. Dr. Bot is I think one of these alternative companies.
Those looking to find ...


Antwort von qwert:

hi, the adapter can be synonymous for ordinary s-video ports to use with dvi sockets or does it only for macs?

namely, would like my playstation 2 on their s-vid connection with my tft ^ ^ link


Antwort von R.J.M:

Hi, has anyone ever had experience with that?
I wanted to connect my portable DVD player s.einen TFT monitor, someone has done before??

Composite/S- video on DVI

Thank you for the answers.



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