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Frage von Dax-buff-bauer:


I have the forum for an hour now searched to find out if my problem was already posted. If I've overlooked, please just send the link. (unfortunately you can not under the various headings - ie Sony Vegas Video - for 'cropping', but only in the entire forum. And there are 84 pages)

I cut a PAL movie. The footage comes of a regular DV Cam. Between the DV-events are jpgs. Of course, with different resolutions (all larger than 720 x 576). The PAL footage in comparison to the pictures one edge. But I do look forward of a PAL Project doing, but the images should theoretically not exceed the PAL resolution growing out! Even if I am for the jpg. Width in evet-/panorama-Cropping-Fenster at 720 and Height enter 576, is the visible image in the video is still larger than the DV footage. It helps me but not synonymous, since I then only a small (PAL) section of the jpgs look. Is there somewhere a Skallierfunktion for photos? Also the Picture via Photoshop or Gimp on the exact PAL Resolutionzu bring nothing has helped. There will always be displayed even greater. And finally I want to do with a high resolution picture Ken Burns Effect to run. Zooms and Panshots make on a 720 x 576-Picture little sense.

This would be a very useful option, of which I have unfortunately only knows how to cut programs in other states: the (Title)-Save. Where I Schlat this context?

Look forward to any help!


Antwort von Marco:

The project settings should be in movie studio in your case to the PAL DV material that can not be the case if the PAL DV material in the preview still shows an edge.

So first, the project settings.

The photographs are of nature from a different Pixel - and aspect ratio than PAL video. So there is in the integration of images into a PAL project three possibilities:

1. The material gets its geometry, but with bars.
2. The material gets its geometry, is without bars, but instead it must be horizontal or vertical cut and a total enlarged.
3. The material is without bars and untrimmed shown, but the geometry of the distorted material.

For one of these variants you have to decide if you have photos with PAL material mix, no preference in what system is being processed.

Most will be 1 or the 2nd Case, because usually no one wants to show distorted photos.

If photos in a graphics software to import into a Movie Studio PAL Project in the resolution to be adjusted, then it must be either on the resolution to be 787x576 or to 720x576, but then again in Movie studio after the pixel aspect ratio in DV -- values changed.

"The (; Title)-Save."

This option can you have the appropriate icon directly see above the edge of the preview window. Then there are two frames in the preview appears. The outside is the "Action Safe" under the usual Röh Kasch TV devices simulated. The inner is the title safe area.



Antwort von Dax-buff-bauer:

Thank you for the quick reply Marco.

Time to facilitate the problem. Okay with the Save-the area I would have in the Help file to be read. Was simple - sorry. Thanks anyway.

And now again for cropping:
I am embarrassed because I've's twist: The PAL Resolutionfüllt from the entire screen, and the pictures do not do it, even though they have a higher resolution. (I'm now so desperate, because I've tried so much that I've totally twisted.) In the project settings stimmt alles.
Even if I have to cropping in the Picture "reinzoome" (ie the values for Width and Height scale) remain above and below the picture black bars. It is noticeable that the outer area Save precisely the boundary between the bar and the picture selected. However, synonymous only horizontally (top and bottom) and links the right of the picture is no bar. I render the transition from PAL footage to Picture, the beams are still in the picture to see. Is it because somewhere in the background color to white represent? For most images are layered files, on a white background have been applied. If I know the bar to acquire, would be at least a temporary place for the problem.


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Cropping problems with Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum Pro Pack

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