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Frage von kaiausberlin:

Hello everybody!

I'm new here, actually come from the photography, so I am a video-fast rookie, and I now have the task of getting a video with the Canon 5D MK2 in Italy to make.
Me are available:
- Canon 5D MK2 with old Nikon lenses (as I had already informed)
- Windows PC Intel Quad Core 2.4 GHz, 3.4 GB RAM, approximately 1 year old
- Premiere PRO CS4

I have already done something clever and unfortunately learned that these combi not be so easy. And actually bucking the test films in Premiere quite effective from - synonymous for the "rendering". They are not really editable.
As I have said to me, so the terminology of the video-filming largely unknown, and I would ask about my ignorance in matters hinwegzusehen.

- Since the orignal film premiere does not seem to work like and what (premiere) and in what format can I convert without too much loss s.Bildqualität to have and so that they are clean Premiere processed?
- What exactly does "render"? Sorry, but as I said ...
- Can I use in Premiere synonymous edit the colors? How do I do this? Or I need another program? What would you recommend?
- I get only the movie files on Bridge opened. Is it ok?
- If I have a ready-cut the clip into a format wants that of a DVD player can be like this happen? Even Premiere or any other way?

I would be very happy about helping a few happy words, when I am facing a very big mountain s.Fragen stand. And I would be happy with the first steps begin.

Thank you in advance and greetings (even from Italy),



Antwort von Schneekind:

here is the solution to your problem:


Antwort von kaiausberlin:

Hey - thanks!

I will be there with my help and my English-minimal idea of technical terms try to implement.
Quick Instructions on German?

Until later ...


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Cutting and editing of Canon 5D movie with Premiere Pro CS4

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