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Frage von Blobyblo:


in advance, I do not know if this is the correct range. I just thought that it belongs here s.ehesten ago .. excuse me if I have mistaken that please:)

Now to my concern:

I have borrowed of a friend got the Nikon D90 because I wanted to make some video recordings.
However, the recordings very jerk, ie. all Stillimage comes a few frames, and it looks as though the video only 12 fps or so ..

Then I noticed that the memory card (; Panasonic SDHC 12GB) is only a max. Bit rate of 10MB / s and support, while the Camera with 16MB / s takes up ..

Is it because?
And what can I do about it? (; Have to switch resolution to 640x424 does not help ..) I have no other card available ..

Thank Blobyblo


Antwort von Eggerl471100:

The whole looks as if the sdhc card is broken.
I have never in my memory about a
max. given bitrate but simply a good
purchased San Disk Ultra 2 has not always worked.
times try to format your card in the camera to
which can help with any problems. the D90 has not synonymous happy
if too fast panning macht.Bildaussetzer as you
I'd never describe. 'm In the big and full with the quality
satisfied but a true HD video camera can replace them in no case.
S.das I'll take the D90 with variable bitrate takes
Therefore, the maximum is reached only when all sorts in the motive
takes place in the quieter scenes and the bitrate goes down anyway.
Now have a map of reingegeben Hofer Traveler High Speed and in with me
Ruckeln room has a 360 degree film made quickly, and once again slowly and there was not. The traveler's card I got for
the little Canon camera gekauft.Du you'll have to get another card.
Ask your friend maybe he has another one.
I hope I could help you a bit.



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