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Frage von djoesch:


have nothing directly in the appropriate forum found, why do I write a new thread.
Message 1: "Failed to Export - Error creating the film. Not enough memory."
Message 2:
"Premiere Pro - For Adobe Premiere Pro is barely enough memory available. Save the Project and proceed with caution continues."

I have an approximately 53 min film premiere cut, this will now proceed to the final assembly as a whole account, and as a normal Microsoft DV AVI video. This would ultimately be about 11 GB.
When rendering meckert towards the end, however, he suddenly "Adobe Premiere Pro does not have enough memory to create the film" (Premiere Pro 2.0)
I have a Pentium 4, 3GHz, 1GB RAM, PNY GeForce7800 256mb, 256bit - that should be thick enough as it is sometimes synonymous tion and then again not.
The whole is a bit annoying because I always have to wait 3 hours to find out whether he is because this economy to render or not.
My virtual memory I set firmly on 2048MB. This is recommended as far as I know, twice as large as the RAM.
To drive capacity may be synonymous not lie.
Now I've just this Microsoft patch is installed, the problems rendering to MPG or DVD to remedy. It is but an ordinary AVI file.
Now I am just s.warten until he has rendered.
Someone knows something about this problem?

Best regards and thanks in advance:)


Antwort von david:

Quote: Message 2:
"Premiere Pro - For Adobe Premiere Pro is barely enough memory available. Save the Project and proceed with caution continues."

I have the same problem. When I start my HDV Project always this message.

I've still 1.5 GB of RAM and about 500 GB of free disk space ?!?!?!

What could be the reason?


Antwort von

Sometimes less is more ...! .-)
2048MB virtual memory + 1 GB of RAM in any case are sufficient and already almost ridiculous! (systembelastend!)
In this constellation, you can change the virtual memory to 512MB safely
set, but the swap file (which is synonymous of the "handling" significantly "smoother" .-) will) prefer, for example, of "C" (OS) to "D" (data) shift.
The rest makes your gut scale RAM and if this is not a direct, physical defects, the system should run synonymous.
Otherwise I would look at the services or possibly enigmatic running processes look ... perhaps because it is a RAM eater .-)) In / active?!
Also you need for a 50 minutes film, in this processor performance, not 3 hours render time?! and this has even nix, with the memory to do! (Processor + Board + HD + Controler + graphics card = velocity)
I hope the hints you have a small forward?



Antwort von Nixnuzz:

as synonymous, I have yet to issue what can be reported.
I try to exert sequence-avi as well 1h10min long,
The sequence consists of three videos and even seven or eight levels with photoshop layers and text.
on a level with video filter runs as the auto-Levels and Shadow / Highlight with automatic settings and 1sekunde.

in Taskmanager of win xp you can observe how the memory of the off slowly and eventually volläuft the popular error message appears. my current setting for the paging file to 2GB of RAM, a minimum of 2048MB and a max. of 4092MB.
be the times with the automatic control of test size.
/ nn


Antwort von eitlefilme:


The problem occurs mainly when "DENOISER" dehummer "and color makes. times would reduce the extreme. make sure the project in as little as possible to have sequences. ggf disable times DENOISER & co under the effect settings and attempt to export again.

I also have the problem with the processing of multiple high-resolution standbilder observed. reduce the resolution by IrfanView or so and test again!

mfg ds


Antwort von Nixnuzz:

without color and shadow / light there no problem with the rendering of the videos, ok at 10 times the plane takes 8 hours to loose nem P4 3GHz, but it works.
only with the filter I have the memory problem
/ nn


Antwort von eitlefilme:

as far as I know is adobe s.solchen "gimmicks" such as memory problems, not interested. I have a very very very unsatisfactory call their hotline with this phone.

I solved it by allowing for many many short pieces (5-10 minutes) and have rendered the finished movie to a video zusammengerendert. However, I had the advantage of many scene changes and when there zusammenrendern a specific problem - see =

mfg daniel sorry that I no longer can help


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