Infoseite // DV cassettes with Canon in Panasonic un no sound recorded

Frage von holgi0806:

Hello community, I have a problem with the DV tapes I made of my old (now broken) Canon MV600. These run in my new Panasonic NV-S GS75EG well, but without sound. At that time with 16 bits included in the Canon. Is there a solution?


Antwort von Jan:


sounds strange, should not be.

I did so because of some problems recently described combination made a test here were:

SonyHC 90
Panasonic GS 150
Canon MVX 350i
JVC GR-D 290

Recordings were made in SP and LP. Sony Excellence tape was 60.
Each model was sound with no preference whether SP or LP recording of the other camcorders recognize without problems.
Here, someone once had some problems with Hi or Digi 8 with LP when changing models. On newer models, as well gibts no problems.

The next will take you not size, 12-bit or 16 bit test's have not done myself, because I expect the reference to another camera, no differences, except in the dub.



Antwort von Markus:

Hi All,

"no sound" I was once synonymous, but not during playback, but when capturing. Whether with the 16-bit sound connected, but I do not know. (I always draw in 16-bit on).

See synonymous:
(Mini) DV recordings are theoretically compatible ...


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