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DVD Player mit USB Eingang + Externe Festplatte

DVD Player with USB Input + external hard drive

Frage von miwi20:

Have Pros to me today in the new DVD player MicroMaxx (MM 80428) bought! This is synonymous with a USB input! Now I wanted my 80 GB external hard drive of Trekstor? the next millennium avi and mpeg files on the television to watch! However, the DVD player my external hard drive is not really! It comes just read USB "then" stop "and nothing happens! Already have a Kingston USB-Stick, which works flawlessly. What do I wrong or is the problem only with a new firmware fix it? Or do you have ne other solution?

Thanks in advance!


Antwort von Markus:


Noname a standalone DVD player is not a PC, where you simply can install drivers, which you previously found on the Internet. If the DVD player, the hard drive does not recognize, then, you can not play movies. Take a look a look at the instructions for what the USB port should be good.

Antwort von prem:


Your hard drive is FAT16 or FAT32 file format, then, everything! The devices can not be what anfahngen with NTFS.


Antwort von reproeug:

Trying times with the disk to Fat32 format

Antwort von Gast:

I hope you have the last Council of the participants followed.
ext. Plate in FAT 16 or 32 format. I had the same problem with me and has worked flawlessly. The formatting you can about the Disk Management settings. Good luck in the future, and no such answers as Klugsch ....- of Mark!

Antwort von grovel:

"Guest" wrote:
in future no such Klugsch ....- answers as of Markus!

Even though Mark is not exceptional here was right, you can answer its synonymous normally correct and a better solution.
What we here in this forum really do not need are spontaneous visitors to the "old hands" here in the forum who voluntarily share their vast knowledge and a lot of time up to their experience "to the man to bring" denigrate and put stupid.

Mark is a respected member of this community and we owe him a lot of professional advice - he deserves thanks and respect, he should know better times contradict an incorrect answer.

Just my 2 cents

SeeYa Groveler

Antwort von Markus:

Thank you for your support, Groveler. At the time my reply half a year ago was my knowledge and that I stand synonymous.

It is easy, at a later date anonymously on past views and insights to laugh, especially since the question already answered in November 2005 and was no more "yes, do the times with FAT32" more would have required. That alone already speaks for itself. ;-)

Antwort von aydex:

Hello I have the same problem, my hard disk is formatted with FAT 32, but my Medion DVD player (MD 80796) does not recognize it anyway!
It is a 2.5 inch disk with USB2.0 external power supply which is synonymous via usb, it may perhaps be that it gets no juice!

Can someone help me! :-(


Antwort von prem:

Hello aydex,

in the test report Medion http://www.dv-rec.de/test/player2005/medion/medion.html to find the explanation to your problem: "The USB interface is a 1.1 version, the only USB sticks can read."

Many greetings,

Antwort von aaa:

I have the same problem. So now I send this dvd player of chili. The description reads dvd-mx205 usb. Ich hab ne 200GB hard drive. First I had it with fat32 and formatted into 3 approximately equal parts partitioned. The dvd player recognized the first partition. "Ok", I thought 'you're `s clever kerlchen and make it into a partition." Thought so. Nu, he recognizes the hard disk is not even more and tells me with: usb read, stop.

Question: Could it be the dvd player or just max.60gb show is 80gb? Please help if ihrs know.

Antwort von lolo:

Weiss because someone what DVD player no problem with an external 200 GB hard drive has? Tips for would be very grateful ...

Antwort von dihofi:

A question about my topic diesesm hard drive, the FAT 32 system of my Tevion DVD player, this is not? Where can you download a program which is my hard drive in FAT or FAT 16 formatted?

lieben gruß aus Hamburg


Antwort von Redfuchs:

Did the device JVC th-P3 with USB input. Now I thought I will spare me the troublesome DVD simply distillery and closing ne External plate on it. So I have a 3.5 "IDE HDD enclosure bought for my old 80GB disk is to construction. I have a 32GB partition and the disk is formatted with FAT32 and still recognizes my DVD player does not. He is looking for and at the end there is" NO USB DEVICE ".
Weis someone I could have done wrong?
I am now in despair: (

Thank you very much
MFG Redfuchs

Antwort von Redfuchs:

This is my DVD player:

And here my case:

Antwort von Marayn:

I have an external synonymous Fp bought and now after I formatted in FAT 32 had (4 partitions each about 60-80 GB) runs it. But, unfortunately, runs only the first drive. The other recognizes my DVD-player Xoro not.
What can I do? I have unfortunately not that Plan of the PCs. So, if someone can help me, please remember! ;-)

Antwort von Mightydog:

I've also NEN-dvd player with usb interface purchased. ebay will be advertised in the external hard drive can be connected. 160GB ntfs so I connected and nothing goes. because I remembered the FAT32 want to share. So 40GB abgezwackt and FAT32 formatted. nix it. because I had the thought that the dvd player to hire only recognizes the first partition. because, as markus said. NEN-dvd player is not a pc. and here was my theory confirmed. because of other, as was observed. was synonymous only the first partition detected. On occasion I will still umdrehn two partitions and then re-test, but I am confident that it will work.

microsoft says to fat32 format:


FAT32 provides the following improvements of earlier versions of the FAT file system available:
" Support of drives up to a size of 2 terabytes.
NOTE: Microsoft Windows 2000 only supports FAT32 partitions up to a size of 32 GB

redfuchs. as I have from the previous contributions rauslesen was the dvd player with USB 2.0 only read the first partition. you have your 32GB partition in an extended partition (as a logical drive) is created? I think this could then hire the samples. the partition must be the first primary partition on the disk. I guess ...

greetz mightydog

Antwort von Solu:

yes hi leute,
So the thread here has given me quite synonymous helped but I like to know if you are not yet irgentwie all partitions can exploit?
So jez hab ne 500GB (Western Digital Elements) and as already noted, he recognizes only the first 100GB primary partition. Although is was not bad but I wanted jez nich always synonymous data partitions zwsichen the move before I was on the dvd player can look.
hab synonymous partitions at all times primarily by changes nix.
perhaps one has ne idea as I have in dvd player (Xoro HSD 8410) on the other partitions come?

mfG Solu

Antwort von Eva Maier:

What struck me in all these unrecognized Harddisks would be interested, as are the plates gejumpert?

/ E

Antwort von Solu:

No clue to the External jez not screw apart, as I said the 1 partition recognizes it, yes.
hät just like to know whether or not the jez what is the maximum I can rausholen or whether I am with irgenteiner setting, change, software etc ... nor the rest of partitions with my dvd player can tap?


Antwort von Markus:

"Eva Maier" wrote:
What struck me in all these unrecognized Harddisks would be interested, as are the plates gejumpert?

For external enclosures as they should be master gejumpert. Is not that always so?

Antwort von Eva Maier:

As master gejumpert almost always works.
Sometimes, but only go with CS (Cable Select)

/ E

Antwort von Ano:

my father has a DVD recorder synonymous. Unfortunately, I can not to this USB port can be found. (Why not? Expensive enough, he was ...)

The good part is DVDR3320V Philips.

Maybe you can but an external hdd somehow depend on it, or not?


Antwort von Quadruplex:

"Ano" wrote:
Maybe you can but an external hdd somehow depend on it, or not?

If you unscrew the device, a suitable interface with control electronics and firmware installed / operating system can adjust the recorder: No problem!

In other words, what is not there can be no funds with laienkompatiblen retrofit.

Antwort von MatzeSpeed:

There are the players support external hard disks and there is the support they do not (unfortunately, the nirgendswo but where in the instructions) in FAT32 format. For most players is synonymous with the just of it USB flash drives can read and this is now time a hard drive does not. It is always depends on whether the player is a "Go To" or "Jump to" function. Then he is synonymous media of a FAT32 formatted hard drive read. And with the USB 1.1 or 2.0 has not to do so. USB is backward compatible. Although the USB 1.1 is not really for the transfer of large amounts of data is suitable. But the transmission rate is simply too low.

So a pure firmware problem and not hardware problem. Has the firmware None of these two functions, it is simply not true. Since you can only hope it is of the respective manufacturer to a firmware update, or perhaps it already exists.

Antwort von Eva Maier:

The thread is OLD.

Hard on CS or M gejumpert and not more than 160 GB

/ E

Antwort von >Redfuchs:

Thank you for your help Mightydog, habs hinbekommen now ^ ^

Antwort von asa:

So I have the HDD formatted on FAT 32, now it detects the hard drive synonymous, only the MP3 that I've copied it, I can not read ???????????????????
can someone explain to me why it does not display?

Antwort von popo:

Does someone know how the Yamaha DVD-S661 behaves? my 557 is broken and now I thought I rise joyfully to the successor model with USB in order - now I read here that there are such problems.

Antwort von worXX:

the FAT 32 partition is not synonymous to be active in the PC Verwaltund vault right-click on Active ask? I'm currently in the process of the Primary partition on Fat 32 to change times to see if it works! Sign me again on this subject!

Antwort von worXX:

So I've achieved!
Following: The primary disk, the FAT 32 and based on assets are then everything works!

Antwort von MarkusJ:

Have similar problem on Philips DVP5980 with USB disk WD Passport II 120GB. Will now synonymous next a small partition to create. However, I have already synonymous since Linuxpartitoin it, at first. REciht to make the FAT32 partition as a primary partition to be declared, or the always up front? How big can they be? My previous NTFS partition is 92GB and will soon be changed to FAT32.
Thanks for answers

Antwort von aniel:

Hi am also new here.
Have a question about synonymous JGC 540 HDMI from dm Pros.Ich wanted synonymous my 500GB hard drive via the USB slot?. Was not he Format.Hat because NTFS synonymous not only today I erkannt.Nachdem the plate (on the Wikipedia tool to create large FAT 32 hard disks over 32GB) formatted accordingly did, he needs about 3 minutes to load the Platte.Anschließend comes the error message Not supported file.Ich have no way synonymous any files auszuwählen.Der Menu is empty.
I clicked on the plate ca.250GB data inkl.Filme, pics, documents, MP3, etc. ..
Operating system on the PC is Win XP, 2nd Edition.
The tool I had downloaded here: http://www.ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/ind...at32format.htm
Could it be the player with the size of the plate not cope?
Do you despair of yet another Divx Player (Muvid 2033) to the hard drive angeschlossen.Dieser reads synonymous approximately 5 minutes, then he shows me a tree with some Dateien.Status read up to 10%, 1200-files And then it depends on ....

I hope someone of you can help me

Greeting ANIEL

Antwort von w4lk:

In general, 160 GB maximun

Antwort von aniel:

So according to this Page http://www.ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/ind...at32format.htm on Wikipedia
750GB should be possible.
Yes I can try a 160 GB partition with FAT 32 and to the rest in NTFS (does it ever?)
Will report back then ...

Antwort von tinkoul:

160 GB and only 1 partition Fat32

Antwort von aniel:

Is it because I use the entire capacity of 500 GB in FAT 32 format is not in the DVD player can use?
Hmmmm ... is there not yet any way to circumvent this?

Antwort von Fantomas:

lt of various Internet forums and I am Xoro plates can only be <160 operate.
Pocket hard disks (2.5 ") synonymous limited because most of a 2nd USB port is required for the electricity

Antwort von blauobelix:

I hope someone can help me. Lacy had ne 500GB on my DVD player and initially ran synonymous alles.Dann on the PC, I have cleaned up the plate down new data rauf.das but most of it is geblieben.nun shows me the player but only 3 files and no photo of it or no music Filme.Vorher everything went. Thanks for help ev

Antwort von Leu -> DK digital (:

somebody knows if my DVD player (DK Digital DVD-536) detects synonymous external hard disks?
My DVD player has a USB 2.0 port and SD card reader ...
He recognizes my mp4 player (4gb big), but when I use the external FP?, Then he says USB is not supported why? Did it synonymous formatted fat32 as it has 80 gb 2.5 inch.
Thanks in advance
Greets Leu

Antwort von Steve08:


I play synonymous with the idea to implement such a project! I would now like to:

1. Which DVD player can you recommend? (the player should be synonymous to play XVID and DIVX)
2. Which HDD's you can recommend? I understand the 160GB LIMIT are)!

I would like to have a HDD LAN POINT!
I would be happy by Lan the plate "dining" and then the files on the DVD player;)!

Thank you in advance!

Antwort von unbekannt:

I have a DVD Player Silvercrest DP 5300x bought = 49 euros, USB plays everything that Vobs, Xvid, Divx, mp4 lalala, external hard drive, I can recommend Trekstor 80 GB USB 2 with 80 GB SATA gabs at Media Markt for 49 also Euro, NEN really does not need external power supply, therefore, highly recommended. Both in Kompbination I find perfect for movies on DVD and Mp3 player.

Antwort von koellefc:

"Anonymous" wrote:

Your hard drive is FAT16 or FAT32 file format, then, everything! The devices can not be what anfahngen with NTFS.


I have my hard disk using paragon program formatted to FAT32 but my Xoro HSD 2200 recognizes that although still not to my usb stick 1,2,4 and 8 GB and I recognize my avi mpeg etc can see
the plate is synonymous not new and has capacity of 500 GB
But why does it not because the shows me usb to unsupported

Antwort von jazzy_d:

@ Steve08


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