Infoseite // H.264 with 1080i on a hard drive TVIX player correctly reflect?

Frage von dyckburg:

Following playback problem makes me perplexed: HD video, which I cut in FinalCut and with the compressor in H.264 (1920x1080i) have evolved to be at my customers on a HD player to run hard. This works with the "coffee" of TVIX very nice, but unfortunately, only every second time! The players swapped the half. This happens at random at random, sometimes läufts times rukelts. Am I on pause and then play back on the shakes away. So it is not on video but s.Player, right? I still have a long hard day in all settings of the Apple Compressors durchprobiert, without success. Initially, I had the 5100 Manufacturer of Dvico. On the homepage, I have the problem, a test file to a server and received no response yet. The German dealer has known nothing synonymous. (It probably all play movies without buyers only half anyway.) Then I have another dealer a sample file and it asked whether the new TVIX 7000 with the new chip is synonymous these Macke. He tested it briefly and says nee. I buy the box and see that it makes it more accurate but not always. Three times yes, even no.

Unfortunately, my clients but not sharp pointed, with a stupid show continuously abzukommandieren, the watch that video does not saumäßig trembles. - I despair soon.


Antwort von Alan Smithee:

If the player is only sensible progressive material safely play, then make your videos but progressive. Or is there a reason the other hand speaks?


Antwort von dyckburg:

Of course, I have the videos in H.264 Progressive converted. Then I have only 25 photos and not 50th Unfortunately there are many movements in the video, which without the small i significantly less supple look. (I finished mostly industrial films with many moving machines.) If everything is in place, the result on a large Glotze supergut from. I of course the customer first presented, because I thought that I was still getting to grips with. So I created a header for example, in which graphical elements neatly through the Picture rushing. This looks in a progressive mode somehow disturbed from. Compressor also offers the possibility of the half to soften each other .... but once you have seen, as is true with 1080i looks regrets you very much.

Maybe yes but one found a solution. Grüße aus Münster.


Antwort von Gast 0815:

No idea if / how something is on a Mac.
On Windows you can using Avisynth / mvbob fairly simple (but quite slow synonymous) from the fields to create frames that looks much synonymous with motion very well. And of course the player would have this format then synonymous support ...

Greetings from Marburg


Antwort von domain:

Under normal circumstances, all 50 p NLEs better material in various formats from 50i to export, using the simple method just missing the lines of the interpolated fields are in better rechenaufwändigeren method and a double, but deinterlacing is done: first, second field at first Only then included and half on second, then results simulated False 50p material for a liquid flow of movement.


Antwort von weitwinkel:

my old tvix4100 plays m2t 1080i easily from ...
you can start your material in mpeg2 convert 1080i?
gruß cj


Antwort von WeiZen:

Are you sure it is and the can not display? If you want what you can come or abloaden (Gütersloh).


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