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Frage von pauluwe:

Hello, I have in my magix several movies loaded, each one active in the storyboard, the other "dormant" in the background. If I now "MakeCD / DVD 'run, I can all the movies in a row on a DVD burn. So far so good. Problem is, the films in the calculator and run the DVD player not break through. I can always just click on a movie, which is then played and finished. What can I do to make all the movies in a row without interruption are played like a movie?
Would be great if someone the egg of Columbus could be delivered.

Best regards and thanks in advance


Antwort von stevenk:

It should be known that the egg of Columbus was finally broken.


Antwort von Markus73:

"Anonymous" wrote: It should be known that the egg of Columbus was finally broken.
What meaningful, you have no help?

@ PaulUwe:

I can you describe how it is in the use of my Magix VdL versions (s.2006) goes, I have no previous experience:

On the "burning" to get by right-clicking the movie icon in the DVD menu in the dialog "properties of the menu." You can then "action s.Filmende from diverse settings, there usfindet you want of the" jump to the next film. "

I hope this is somehow on the use of your version.


PS A worthwhile upgrade, the new encoder is visibly better!


Antwort von pauluwe:

Thank you, but the opportunity is not my version.


Antwort von eXp:


So pack but the movies directly behind each other in the timeline, rather than individual movies to edit, then you make a film s.jeden beginning a chapter marker.
if you then want to watch dvd s.player you need just the first film to start and then run through all the same.
But times do you want only a specific film do you simply select the chapter menu of the dvd and then you can then select individual movies synonymous.


Antwort von exit:maria:

Thank you, I've tried. But when I first movie was purely and pulled then "load" will, I am asked: "... the film opened close or not?" NO! Then, the first disappears and only the second in the timeline. The first is about "window" to reach. If I then click on, is back in the timeline, but never BOTH.
If you have 'n tip then let me know.
BTW: These are all individual films that have previously been processed Magix.
Greeting PaulUwe


Antwort von joerg-emil:


I would like to make it synonymous eXp, so all the movies in the timeline one after the other copy.

1. all movies open
2. New Film Opening
3. change in the film, which is the first to be played
4. Menu - Edit - "all objects"
5. Ctrl + C
6. in the new movie move playhead to the beginning pointer s.den
7. Ctrl + V

The are you doing now with all the shooting, the new film to make sure the front of the net Abpspielmarker Copy always positioned where the next film begin. Finally, lock all the films and allows only the new movie opens. Navigation for later, you should now at least, the individual films s.Startpunkt a chapter markers and can now set the "main" movie burn.

Gruß Jörg


Antwort von theorizee:

Thanks, I'll try to run the weekend is so long.
I keep you posted.


Antwort von pauluwe:

I've done - worked! YOU ARE HEROES!
Thanks-Emil s.Jörg for super-precise instructions.
Bis denne PaulUwe



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