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Since I do not have a HD camcorder, but the happy times of my current computer skills (using several synonymous editing software trial versions) debug would I look for short examples of various file-HD video systems.
In addition to HDV and AVCHD would be synonymous me examples in Panasonics DVCPRO HD (eg, AG-HVX200) and Sony XDCAM EX (eg PMW EX-1) are interested. DVCPRO-HD has three times higher data rate, but less computationally intensive compression, would be interesting, so today's computer cope better (if at all editing programs are prepared).

For the transmission over the Internet such files are a bit large, even if one of each variety only 10 or 15 minutes needed. So I come up with the idea that it would be quite useful, a DVD together, the examples of today's amateur and semi-Video files.

Is there something somewhere has to buy, perhaps synonymous only in small batches manufactured?
Or should I look at video Active ask if not one of their next books such a thing could beipacken?


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"Anonymous" wrote: Thank you, this is already a start.


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DVD with sample files of different formats?

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