Infoseite // Decide on what editing software? Edius 5 and Sony Vegas Pro 9?

Frage von jamakasi:

Dear Edius users.

Despite up to now 1.5 days of research I can still not decide between the two programs. Maybe one or two current Edius users the same consideration or was in the same "dilemma" had.

I am fascinated by one hand, the "Cinema-effects" of Sony Vegas (this is really already in the program itself or only possible with the addition of programs of Giant Red?) Like the vignette effect.
Are these Art Effects synonymous included in Edius 5?

On the other hand, I do not know if I in AVCHD editing with Sony Vegas, in contrast to Edius the same "performance" (I hate that word) on my Athlon X2 (2 x 3 Ghz) I like with the intermediate format in Edius.
I've downloaded the trial version of Edius Neo 2 Booster excited and was of the processing speed.

On the general asked: Why did you not, for example in particular for Edius and opted for Sony Vegas?

About one or the other helping assessment, I would be very grateful.

Many thanks and greetings


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