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Frage von maiglöckchen:

'm new here and please ask your indulgence if I ask one that has often been here (please link about a similar subject):
I cut the first time for someone else (so far I've only worked with their own material). it should be documented for a cinema. I get different material hd, 1920x1080 and 1280x720, times 25i, 25p, 50p times.
workflow which I recommend the professionals among you? So what format and what codec?
I work with a imac 27 ", 8GB RAM and Final Cut Pro 7
many thanks for the tips and links!


Antwort von WoWu:

Hi Lily ... Welcome to the "Club"

We work much synonymous with most different materials, but little for movies but only for TV.
The thing that strikes s.meisten with such problems are bad gematcheden pictures, so gates between different formats and different colors, synonymous of the chroma sampling her.
So my tip, eighth, first time not on the final format, but on whether a 720 can be reasonably upscale in 1080 or whether a better downscaling of 1080 to 720 in the result looks like (smooth).
The final format for the cinema is pretty damn sampling, because most of the pictures, which today are not true anyway call 1080 1080 or no later than the lens quality is denser s.720 as s.1080. To that extent you can with a clean win more than matching with the supposed last pixel. (By the way, we do not have it rare that upscaled 720 looks much better than the (not real) Since you have to 1080th try. It is very much synonymous with the scaler. I do not know now how well Final Cut Pro makes the because we use HW for it. So, just to sacrifice even a few hours and figure out the best result. Eighth synonymous sure that aligned the image parameters with respect to luma / Gamma and Chroma are otherwise see cuts from all bad. There is usually a processing s.Ursprungsmaterial important than detention.
What concerns the codec, it is einwenig important, what are the main codecs and qualities. If you still can to say something, you can be much more concrete to think about it.
Ah .. incidentally, one more question: 25i and 50i is really the same (new and old spelling), or is it somehow special material?
Enjoy this once.


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