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Entscheidungshilfe für Sony- oder Panasonic-Cam < €1000

Decision Support for Sony or Panasonic Cam < ¬ 1000

Frage von cube:
September 2005

Hello together.

I am a boar and had a bit of tapping into various forums to get a decision aid for the purchase of a camcorder under ¬ 1000. Again, I am Did not find anything and I thank all who have contributed. Here, the attempt at a summary:

1. price:
The cam should be the price of ¬ 1000 may not exceed, when I first, as moviemakers, although the quality eighth, but it should be affordable. Second, I would not shut myself in terms of quality and new technologies would certainly tend to HDV, but in my opinion, is still in infancy, therefore, be more quickly and cheaply is better.
For this reason, clearly, the decision to "favorable" proven technology.

2. 3 or 1-chip under ¬ 1000
Spontaneously, I would certainly say that there should be a 3-chip cam, because 3-Chipper this year have been significantly cheaper and in good conditions probably s.Schärfe of any device in the 1-chip class will be exceeded. For example, Panasonic threw several 3 - CCD cams is less than ¬ 1000 on the market.

My Choice with the most favorable prices (I just took with Panasonic and Sony MiniDV let into the closer choice, but I like to disabuse ...;)):

Panasonic NV-GS75 469, --
Panasonic NV-GS150 663, --
Panasonic NV-GS200 849, --
Panasonic NV-GS250 897, --

SonyHC42 527, --
SonyHC90 709, --
SonyPC1000 906, --

The all have a Panasonic 3CCD. In Sonyverhält it differently, here only the PC1000 has a new 3-fold CMOS sensor, the other two times a 1-CCD.
Panasonic has apparently taken the advantage of the situation and not try to convert the (unwarranted) hype for the 3CCD technology in face value what was considered clever and economically secure in the sense of the consumer.

To make it short: All Panasonics seem to good conditions, a very good image quality make, which led me first at Panasonic do research. The 75er was first out of curiosity here, since it was the cheapest device with 3CCD. It was really interesting until the 150s, but here convinced me to lowlight values and Videos as little as that of the GS200 and the GS250.

The 3CCD throne came a little shaken.

Sony tiered interest were mentioned three models, with the HC42 in image quality could not keep up and therefore also remained on the track. The HC90 and PC1000 were still in the race.

The purely optical PC1000 liked right away, but this should not be a buying criterion. The image quality is on good terms as good as the Panasonics in lowlight conditions, however, he broke something a synonymous. Other values were quite comparable with those of the HC90, which in my opinion does not justify a price difference of ¬ 200 in favor of a stylish PC1000.

The HC90 is therefore not a bad picture, on the contrary. Under optimal conditions (outside, lots of light), he seems to tick a little to be worse, here suggests the sharpness of the 3 Chipper Chipper every 1. In low light, however, he conjures up a much better picture on the screen and also costs less ...

Priced comparably would now only have the GS150, but I took the other two GS200 (about ¬ 150 more expensive) and the GS250 (about ¬ 200 more expensive), nor with the boat.

The Panasonic's tried to convince me to score with the following:

+ 3CCDs with decent sharpness
+ Manual settings, good
+ Battery life (in See, for HC90)

Ultimately, these arguments have convinced me not because the HC90

+ Track record is by no means a poor image quality. Also true 16:9 such as Panasonic GS200?
+ Want to work well and the automatic modes to navigate my wife anyway not a Russian nuclear submarine. (no, I can not synonymous and synonymous would look for the autopilot;)) in short, easy handling.
+ Second battery is required anyway (I've been told and believe that simply times ...).

In the area of ¬ 600-900, I think that the SonyHC90 the best overall package and price-/Leistungss

Antwort von Jan:


but a little looking through the Sony goggles? Well, everyone has his opinion.
I can lowlight quality of HC 90 (when it is below average PC 1000)
With the best will not compare with the GS 250th Even my Lieblingsmag Videoaktivdigital has compared the two together and Low Light Images shown (I believe it was 20 lux). Any amateur could see the difference for the benefit of GS 250th Therefore (gabs in lowlight test for Pana GS 250 excellent (gabs in principle never for Panasonic in the range below 2000 ¬) and for HC 90 satisfactory or sufficient'm not sure). For images of individuals on the Internet I am always a bit skeptical. Of course, I've tried both.
The cheap plastic housing of the HC 90, I was not raised synonymous.
An optical stabilizer, Scharfstellring (I do not like my sony rumdrücken game on the touch screen, or me) has the little knob HC 90 so not synonymous.
A full one is looking at your Charger synonymous vain.
Nagut for sowas's a forum there, because there are several opinions on most models.


Antwort von GhostDog:

Hello Jan,

Thank you for your objection.

I have read a lot about the web cams and am of the opinion s.The very neutral thing to be approached. Taking into account all the sources that were available to me, then I think you absolutely must grasp the Sony, even without glasses.

Synonymous glad I am that you write, you had the models it out, because it gives proper weight to your arguments. Unfortunately I do not simply and easy to borrow the time, models and make extensive tests. Also pointing Videoaktivdigital I found convincing. As I said, I have been working very short time and thus can not rely on an adequate fund-known journals. Which edition is this act?

I too would have liked during my research, when the Panasonic GS250 would have been even more convincing. In particular, the sharpness of the image quality) and (the manual settings (though I (still) am not an expert;)) I did not really do without. The extra cost of ¬ 50 on the GS200 makes my opinion, but the optical image stabilization competitive. 16:9 does not make them happen, right?

To test opinions and to individuals: http://dvspot.com seemed to make very good and extensive testing. At Lowlightvideos the respective cams of the GS250 cut in my opinion, really bad s.als the HC90. And please do not forget that we are synonymous occur here only as private individuals.

So Jan, thank you for your advice, I allow myself only too happy to convince synonymous ¬ 200 surcharge and would not hesitate. JVC or Canon should still wear glasses have a different opinion, go ahead! All under ¬ 1000 is in the race ...

Thank you,

Antwort von Jan:


It meant no harm, when it comes to 720p to 1080i, there's so tough Depatten.
Perhaps another user has the same experiences as you.
I'm not a professional synonymous. Well, the two Cam's yes look fundamentally different. Your Sonyhat yes synonymous Überbelichtungskontrolle advantages such as a zebra, which are in the GS 250 missing.


Antwort von cube:

Hi Jan,

no problem, had not hoped to meet in return only synonymous. In addition, I have the cam yet.

I got myself the latest Videodigitalaktiv And here the HC90 test winner and Kauftipp among the best 1-Chipper was. In what issue were compared for both cams (HC90 and GS250)?

Thank you!

Antwort von Jan:

you are right of course, was the test of the GS 250 in edition 4 I've just looked at both Low Light Images. She is not directly the same class as the 90th HC
Yes, I'm rarely a camera (seen at the 1000 ¬), there has almost always very good (Except, of course, the class upward VX 2100 and co.)

LG January

Antwort von Roland:

My tip: The Canon MVX3i in the canon outlet on ebay.
Had the camera there for EUR 540, - get.
It offers: zebra pattern for overexposed areas, mechanical focus ring, excellent image quality, manual control over sound, full automatic or manual intervention varied opportunities.
For the money you saved to attach accessories.


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