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Decklink - HDMI-Capture-Card Intensity und neuer Treiber mit JPEG Codec

Decklink - Intensity HDMI capture card and new drivers with JPEG Codec

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
September 2006

Decklink - Intensity HDMI capture card and new drivers with JPEG codec of rudi - 8 Sep 2006 09:56:00
With a surprisingly pretty clever Schnittlölsung Blackmagic Design, the professional world: The first, called Intensity HDMI capture card for just $ 250 takes uncompressed digital HD signals via the HDMI-Interface on again and this can also output uncompressed. The company promises this even possible that some cameras can output via HDMI a better picture, if not with HDV is recorded on tape, but the picture is "live diminished. Thus, according to Black Magic on the one hand MPEG2 - HDV codec is bypassed and the other would reduce the professional (and very expensive) HD-SDI interfaces are obsolete. According to data with the card takes up to 4:2:2, but probably only with 8 bits. HDMI 1.3 would allow even 10-bit, which would be an absolute Studio Standard and in line with HD-SDI. The format, go here to 1080p25 and 1080i50 with 1920 x 1080 pixels, is not currently supported 1080p50, 720p60 did though.
The map should smoothly with Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop and any DirectShow or QuickTime-based software co. Smells after a zeimlich cool part ...

At the same Blackmagic Design has announced yet another synonymous Drivers (5.7) for the house Decklink cards. The Clue: So far, the maps were working only uncompressed, but it is now possible to stream HD at full Resolutionbis 1920 HD with a new JPEG codec to compress them. Thus the required data rate is low, so Black Magic synonymous Provides ultra-smooth HD editing with no raid array promises. The Direct Show codec will be filled with Premiere and After Effects compatible, and stores video in 4:2:2 color space. An alpha channel is not included, unfortunately.

to news reporting

Antwort von volkmar:


especially regarding the ability for real-time mixing of multiple sources with regard to the maps:

someone knows something about the maximum length of HDMI cable? Is there any way to improve through better cable than the simple home-cable attenuation and shielding, and to get as longer ranges?

If the number of "on-air" live mix to 2 channels / card limited? Or is it possible to use with more than 2 PCI slots synonymous for more than 2 cards with the software?


Antwort von PoopShooter:

From Wikipedia:

Provided by the HDMI organization are now more than 15 meters long cable. Few are synonymous HDMI cable with a length of 20 meters available that do not work smoothly, but in all cases. Long cables should have isbessere frequency properties, to ensure accurate data recovery at the HDMI receiver. For an error-free transmission, therefore, the cable quality as synonymous, the reception characteristics of the HDMI receiver decisive. For cable lengths up to 5 m are synonymous cheap cable completely satisfactory, s.10 m will be less susceptible to high-quality cables with transmission errors. Whether these occur can be due to the use of HDMI TMDS encoding very easy to judge on the display. This can be seen clearly by "flashing" of pixels or entire rows of pixels. Noise or artefacts in the traditional sense as in the analog signal through HDMI can therefore generally excluded.

To increase the data rate of HDMI 1.3 next to two cables were defined categories with different frequency properties. A category-1 cable can Pixelraten to 74.25 MHz and a Category 2 cables up to 340 MHz can Pixelraten transferred. In HDMI 1.3 are synonymous for the first time the cable properties such as attenuation, signal delay differences, crosstalk, etc. for greater clarity as to ensure an error free transmission over long cable synonymous. To counteract the inevitable cable loss, is on HDMI 1.3 for Pixelraten than 165 MHz receiver provides a cable equalizer.

With Signalrepeatern (eg, the AV amplifier can) the distance of 15 meters will be doubled. For longer distances up to 100 m extender available, which convert the signal over fiber optic cables and fiber optic cables to transfer.

As I understand the PM is the on-air role in the intensity is limited to 2 tickets. Could be, however, that with more expensive tickets will be even more ...

Antwort von prem:

With this news I first became aware of what belongs here just for us:

HDMI is the new firewire!

If already an Schnittkerte only costs 250 euros, with which I can transfer uncompressed HD and HDMI at the same time, the new home wiring is standard, all new nonlinear editing systems must be proficient HDMI In - Out.

Since it is not in HDMI chips to hardware that is embodied in each of television, these are cards that make everything taste in software now synonymous only 20-50 euros, so as Firewire today.

Thus one gets as amateur amitionierter be priced HD-SDI, and that's really cooooool. Buy Habenwollen:)

Antwort von Christian Schmitt:

The only question is whether the camera manufacturers will integrate the interface in the really interesting models ...
Canon can pay its HD-SDI out jedefalls properly and the HVX would have been with HD-SDI out even more dangerous for its own high-end products ...

Antwort von smf1974:

"Anonymous" wrote:
With this news I first became aware of what belongs here just for us:

HDMI is the new firewire!


Thus one gets as amateur amitionierter be priced HD-SDI, and that's really cooooool. Buy Habenwollen:)

Please do not. Please do not ask. HDMI has a very massive DRM problem. If each device only HDMI can we have the content delivery industry, and finally complete. Kopfschüttel .... I shudder to this representation.


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