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Unterschied Audio-Interface zu externer Soundkarte

Difference in audio interface to external sound card

Frage von prem:
August 2006


what exactly is different for such an interface of an external sound card like the Audigy 2 ZS? What you can do about with such a sound card that is clear, but with nem interface, I'd like to even know.

With my integrated sound card realtek ALC880 HD audio, I am not so satisfied. Which gives me nothing but trouble (see article http://forum.slashcam.de/viewtopic.php?p=162630 # 162630). I am looking for the ideal and useful for basic equipment with a micro phone (jack or USB) to host a commentary, but it is synonymous to operate a 5.1 Dolby surround system. Sound mixes should not be, but if this is common for Nachvertonungszwecke, I would naturally like to use synonymous.

Where should rather invest in an audio interface or a good external sound card.

Would be nice if I could explain that one.

Thanks and nice evening

Antwort von Eisbär:

Thus, an interface indeed seems to be something like a sound card, but rather designed for those people who want to feed music or just synonymous vocals. If only because many interfaces have XLR connections, would not get what the question for me because I will probably not operate equipment with XLR connectors.

Then it will probably be an external sound card. What could be recommended for that? There should be one which could be synonymous for DV editing applications might be interesting.

I have since been synonymous rausgesucht something: the Creative Audigy 2 ZS. This gibts but in different versions: Platinum Pro or video editor. Distinguish them significantly?

'm Glad about everyone, no matter how small contribution

Thanks and greetings

Antwort von steveb:

The question is, what are your expectations. External USB / audio solutions are targeted at people who want to work with relatively high start your PC /. This includes synonymous that the good micros have generally xlr connections, but Jack will be synonymous usually possible. Another important aspect is the ASIO issue. ASIO is a low-latency enables the Drivers and eg for VST applications is essential.

The Audigy cards of you mentioned rather aimed at the gamer-user. If you anything in Dolby Dig. do want, is an external solution with Asiounterstützung may be the better choice.

schau mal in Thomann.de.

Antwort von Eisbär:

Hi Steveb,

times, thank you, useful for the contribution. Makes me focus a bit easier. If ASIO support for such sound cards really be something, then I believe you this time. But what are VST applications?

So my requirements: I want to put together my basic equipment to predict the synonymous, synonymous, therefore it can be a bit more progressive.

As I say, the Audigy 2 Platinum ZS Pro external I find very interesting and I just looked again, synonymous ASIO support is built into the sound card, if that's really important.

The important thing is that I somehow come to a clever sound for the comment. Sure, the space while synonymous plays an important role and so that I can continue to use Dolby Digital 5.1.

A Microphone While I have already: Samson CO1U (USB-Microphone), but with my Realtek sound card is not really what brings the most. 're Onboard Realtek sound cards, or not?


Antwort von steveb:

generally there is nothing against the Audigy card. As I have said is aimed at the more normal "household" or the consumer who wants to play again in already synonymous DD and then as many of programs that want to get it synonymous supported. Certainly, the technique is CT, which are synonymous Asiotreiber and perhaps the integration of this map in terms of audio software (a la Samplitude, Cubase, and associates) are more likely not so good. But it should be enough for your project.
Buy it and let you open a right of return (most of the MM and Saturn are very accommodating since) and try to test all relevant features views s.einem weekend.

Antwort von beiti:

A Microphone While I have already: Samson CO1U (USB-Microphone), but with my Realtek sound card is not really what brings the most.
I think I already explained here s.anderer body in Forum: The USB microphone has to do his own audio interface, and nothing with the existing sound card.
You can not connect the USB Microphone s.ein other USB sound interface. (What synonymous?)

The chain is as follows: In USB Microphone lies next to the microphone an AD converter. The same makes a digital signal from the microphone signal, which is given via digital USB s.den PC. This digital signal can you, if it has the correct parameters (48 kHz, integrated 16-bit) into a lossless DV - Video. After the signal has left the USB microphone case, makes no other PC component more influence on the sound (unless you deliberately editing the sound, what will not work with software and therefore is not synonymous of the soundcard is affected).

If you want another card, to audition the sound s.PC in better quality, can you connect a course. That then goes synonymous simpler about 30 Euros, because it is used as a pure player.

Antwort von gunni:

I wanted to grow the synonymous Samsun cu Micro. Work with Magix Video Plus 2006/2007.
Somewhere I read that there are at Magix because of the USB connection is a problem.
Can someone tell me how the Micro Magix at work?
I'm fairly novice when cutting.
Thank you very much, at least for a response

Antwort von beiti:

Can someone tell me how the Micro Magix at work?
I can not, but I think it's synonymous unimportant. The comment I would add at rest with a sound program and rework a bit rausschneiden (slip of the tongue, normalize, possibly applying a compressor). This recording directly into the timeline, I think that mess.

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