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Frage von Emperor-Z:


the original problem had been solved. See my answer below ...

Thanks schonmal and


Antwort von Markus:


schau mal hier: Wie bekomme ich meine Videoaufnahme auf DVD?
* edit after the edit of the questioner *
Now I feel like in "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy": The answer is 42, but what is the related question?


Antwort von Emperor-Z:

Hmm - So now I've been making ne way that:

And although I export the movie premiere with DV AVI settings and then want him to bring with TMPGEnc DVD format to burn it all with TMPGEnc DVD Author to tracking and on.

This ought to be quite good so far and still relatively inexpensive solution to other Progs especially since I had been here before. Good thought, BUT ..

When I exportiereten premiere of the movie back in TMPGEnc hole and let the prog to start coding then I have the preview pane schonmal nen only black screen and the newly created MPEG-2 file is then DVD Author synonymous only a black picture with sound ..
Why might that be? If I use another AVI file (for instance, the two original movies for my premiere production test basis) with TMPGEnc encode it, and I've ne preview synonymous works - only with the finished film will not premiere of the ...

Is this normal? I have at the premiere stinknormal use DV AVI setting and synonymous not know what it is to be wrong?



Antwort von RuFFi:

The problem with the dv in avis tmpgenc probably already known. have the same problem and have just researched views. on in the FAQ is the following:

"TMPGEnc can not read AVI file with DV format.

The file is probably Type-1 DV format. The format is not supported by TMPGEnc. Type 1format has different structure from AVI format. TMPGEnc can not read the format since TMPGEnc does not support DirectShow.

To solve this matter, try to save the captured or edited s.Type-2 DV file format, however, there are still not promising to be able to read the file if you are using general IEEE1394 board without codec for VFW. "




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Director of Film Premiere Pro 1.5 with TMPGEnc as MPEG-2 Coding - No Picture?

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