Infoseite // Exporting to "direct stream copy" with Magix possible?

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how do I put a 16 VDL premium that when
Exporting is not coded, but only
"pure" video comes out with new
hard cuts - so no covers? The
Export video is of course the same
Format as the input video.

It should be something like this so-called
"Direct stream copy" in VirtualDub.

I have "export uncompressed video"
set. In this case, the export video to the 8 x
Size of the input video. That may yet

I hope I've described it correctly.

* Edit: I just learned that in the DV-AVI export
with the Panasonic DV codec is, so if both
Videos (Ein-/Output) are in DV-AVI. But as the
Work in Full-HD, I still do not know.


Antwort von slash-tutti:

Oh, still no help after 7 hours of waiting? :-)
Perhaps Slashcam is too large, that the question goes?
Maybe look at a specific page,
which deals exclusively with DV editing?
Said and done ....

I searched for 7 hours and found the answer.

You have to know first, that is it SMART RENDER,
to look it up :-)

What we know as a video newcomer everything NOT ;-)


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