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Frage von bendit:

I've got my XDCAM material with FinalCut captured and is now lying on the system (Unfortunately, the company machines)
Does anyone have any idea how I s.besten the material without too much loss of quality and limited amount of time on my system (Avid / Premiere) get home?

There is but this-system format, with the one synonymous completely cut sequences of one system to the other "copies"?


Antwort von Axel:

"Bendit" wrote: IEs are-system but this format is synonymous with the complete sequences of one-cut system to the other "copies"?
MC5 with Avid you have the choice between ProRes and DNxHD (for QT on Mac free downloadable here ) that you as company computer to an external disk can be run from. High appropriate 120 mbps, which means at DNxHD so (Quicktime export> Resolutions) and would then be in ProRes without additional (proxy, LT, or HD 4444) is. I would try and s.ein same clip, which is better, because it * * still seems to be a small gamma shift problem (picture looks on the other system significantly darker or brighter).


Antwort von mon3:

Why walk in DNxHD or ProRes?

you can because with Final Cut Pro is not simply the consolidieren 1:1 material to an external disk and then import this into the MC?
it should be possible.


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