Infoseite // First music video (Canon XH A1) "Attention Beginners"

Frage von Boles:


Times you wanted to hand-my first music video imagine.
Was shot with a Canon XH a1, all in automatic mode.

Unfortunately, it was a very short-term thing, the music video to shoot and that is why I could not really deal with the Camera sat. For this reason, I have to leave the automatic mode.

Edited the video with Adobe Premiere.

The camera I have in the short term "" in Cologne on loan, that went without problems. Friendly lady giving me a few tips for turning under.

Was shot within 2 days, the editing of the video for me was relatively "expensive", because I have never been with so many video files worked. The synchronization was for me the biggest problem.

For the Project:

It was a "video application" for Söhne Mannheims. Unfortunately, we have not done. But the work was fun.

About feedback I would be delighted.

What do you think? What would you do differently? What is bad? What is Good?
So here the link:


Antwort von MarcBallhaus:

"Boles" wrote:

What do you think? What would you do differently? What is bad? What is Good?
So here the link:

I would perhaps with the shooter waited until the director would have been s.Set;)

Nix ungut for, but I do not know what I want to say ....



Antwort von tunichgut:

you can see, there is much work to sec. 37 is through the black crossfades NEN bischen withdrawn, then the corresponding rhythmic music, I would pay tribute to the drummer and a bi-forming fastest changing generate, but is not synonymous miserable work, the fact with the spirit but, unfortunately, I must legally give the It is not clear, but your "achtung beginner you should take away, since there are other dafuer.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

When the bodyguards, the first motion, I have to laugh;-O

Did the OC.

Was the video set or only the music or what?

Or apply for a singer, to tell something.

B. DeKid


Antwort von domain:

Of all the music videos on Youtube in Samuel Rubesch Babylon with his system, it seems to me with the best distance to be.
However, missing me the second level of action, namely the studio recordings that are not only synonymous but the singer the drummer show already reasonably.
From amateur video but can be no question in my opinion, which is already offering some classes of higher and talent shows.


Antwort von Axel:

The video is okay. In other music videos notify the arbitrariness, interchangeability, senselessness. I am a big fan of Xavier voice and his songs, so my caution is this is not guaranteed s.der Music. Because the images only accompany may illustrate, is the "film" itself hollow.
As one can equal the picture-in music videos of Michel Gondry or Chris Cunningham's Profile. Fast turn around because the relationship. Since it is again: The film tells a story, the film and music to fit somehow. As it should be.


Antwort von UlmsSkyliner:

Mmh. somehow I can not begin. . .


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