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My Canon Vixia HF200 delivers me as the output format. Mts files. Now I want to cut this in AE and Premiere edit. In order to get an overview of all scenes, I'd like a scene overview (2-3 images per scene) as thumbnails. But the only tool I could find processed keinen.mts files. Since I but the. Mts files converting in any case only did so as not to overlap with high-resolution material, would be no problem. Planned Procedure:
-. All the mts files converting mpg movies
- Creating a Scene Preview (Thumbnail Overview)
- Scenes sort
- Cut in AE and Premiere with the mpg files the movie
- Replace all before the final rendering mpg movies by original mts files

Does anyone know of a good batch converter for video files in the mts format? I have found lots of converter, but if it should be possible and freeware convert mts files containing just

Does anyone know a good tool with which one can gain an overview of his videos? Else should I look at each film individually and cataloging.

MANY THANKS for any advice!


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Antwort von Filbert:

There's several freeware Programs, or GUIs for ffmpeg:

To name but three ...

Evt. you have to customize the profiles yet because some of the mpeg directly convert DVD compliant.

Regards, Filbert


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Freeware for batch conversion and preview of scene. Mts videos

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