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Frage von Valpolicella:


just a thank you in advance, because this forum has given me in recent weeks s.einigen posts very helpful. Now, however, I need your active help.

With my Sanyo Digicam I can only absorb MOV movies. The actually take me on my hard drive space too much away (28 seconds = 39 MB), and also my DVD player, these films do not read and play. I want the films only private use, so friends and family on DVD and show it.

So I here and researched on the net, I downloaded Xilisoft (films are all under 5 minutes, so OK) and the movies to AVI converter. This has the "normal" AVI folded, but the DivX movie was not a sound in the process to effect the quality of the movie better (fantasy?). When I read this correctly, then I have only a video CD, right? The disc, which I have used, is a DVD-RW.

(1) How to convert AVI DivX WITH sound?

(2) What is the difference between a video CD and a DVD and how can I get the latter for my videos

(3) If I use a 28-seconds of 38MB (MOV) to 9MB (AVI) or 3 MB (DivX without sound) convert, with is clear that this loss of quality are connected. Is there a format that small space at a very high quality film offers - or is it now too sweeping and anyway squaring the circle?

Thanks in advance for your help.



Antwort von Markus:

"Valpolicella" wrote: (2) What is the difference between a video CD and a DVD and how can I get the latter for my videos
Look at times the requirements of the Video CD DVD-Video
For the implementation, you need to get then a burning program and a DVD Burners. Be synonymous supports the above format and is a better software, then
possibly the necessary codecs synonymous, so that everything fits car is converted.


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