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Frage von Bravia:

I have a Magazine - DVD an HDTV video (720p) in the form of a avi file to h.264 compressed. Could I somehow the material on a HDV tape to get it s.meinen FullHD-TV show.

I have Premiere Pro 1:51, but AP will not h.264 capture. My camcorder is a Canon HV-20

Has someone an idea on this?


Antwort von tommyb:

Joa. Simply save the file uncompressed and then restore the premiere. Then do not forget it at 1080p / i hochzuskalieren (or can the HV20 720p?) And s.geht post.

On the edge:
A Camera as a VCR to abuse is actually not so great. Rather, I would buy a long cable (VGA synonymous for me) and the calculator with the television link (as a second monitor). Then you have fewer problems.

Or start a HTPC.


Antwort von Bravia:

Hello tommyb,

dei thanks for quick answer, sounds logical, just as I unpack the h.264 stream from s.besten. Because there's a freeware.

Many greetings


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HDTV Movie (h.264, avi) to HDV camcorder on play

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