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I would like me to buy an HD camcorder. (Panasonic SX5 gefällt mir gut) (priced around 600 - 800 stones)

Schwanke at the moment I am still torn between the decision whether
AVCHD or MiniDV. I now have this forum so insecure.

disadvantage in MiniDV systems: barely 3 CCD!

I have tried a m2ts file in premiere pro cs3 to open up what ever was not. what do I edit (mac and pc) AVCHD (?

and when I finally cut into the mpeg2 converter, gives me the AVCHD then what? or am I just served with HDV?

my goal is not nice to make urlaubsdvds. I am studying in the field of film and graphics and must be precisely what öfer times filming, which is further. ;-)

Help .. whirrs my head.

november 2007


Antwort von beiti:

AVCHD without conversion cut is affordable PCs with today barely get added. (It is already, but you need special software - Premiere CS3 can not yet - s.der hurts performance limit and has little real-time functionality, etc.)

If you want to cut and it absolutely must be HD, is currently useful only HDV into question. This is via firewire into the PC recorded, then processed and eventually played back to tape (if s.Camcorders Firewire-in available).
The off on tape is of importance because it is the currently cheapest way is to cut the film actually synonymous with HD-quality condition. (BluRay burners and players are still fairly expensive.)

BTW there are 3 CCDs car is not always better than 1 CCD. This must be assessed depending on the device.
For your creative purposes you're probably with a Canon HV20 well served.


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

On the one memory card AVCHD Camera individual files are recorded, and not like everything on tape s.Stück. When the memory card you can when playing between scenes and her jump out, so you can decide. This is undoubtedly an advantage, but it looks like with the post-production look like?

The advantage of the individual clips on the disk is exhausted very quickly, the AVCHD material itself becomes an annoyance in the post-production.

The hochkomprimierte AVCHD format lets himself with a Q6600 natively edit it very difficult or even accurate keyen. Significantly better off with the HDV material. Even the authoring AVCHD footage to DVD or AVCHD disc DB is due to the high compression of the video footage a pain to cut the AVCHD material can be facilitated in the lower to a compressed digital video format before the cut is converted. The way then to a AVCHD DVD or BD disc but again the HDV material with the current authoring programs. The initial advantage of the AVCHD material in the form of individual clips on the disk of the camera and better video quantization rises up through the trouble when you native editing and authoring gets.

HDV material can, however, now with a Q6600 easily cut and natively synonymous to high-resolution disc with less Render generations realize.

Because of the serious disadvantages in the post-production with AVCHD footage, I could absolutely not me today with an AVCHD Camera friends, then with more of a prosumer HDV Camera.


Antwort von wolfgang:

Perhaps even more shopping advice here:


Antwort von Quadruplex:

And synonymous times in diesethis

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