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Here it comes to news reporting with links and images on the pages slashCAM Magazine


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well, a shame really. Now, all cry out that because of the dependence of all of Adobe Flash to get away and what do they do? they move to the dependence of MPEG LA, the demand for software manufacturers (like the browser) license fees (which is less well-heeled browser developers and harassed especially open source browser) and also s.2016 of want to have all the license fees (previously permitted to pay one even if one wants to have his video for Money, you realize even synonymous, when a user's guide for today Consumercams hits: the license of the video codec used is not released for commercial purposes). One would naturally think that the web 5 years is a long time, but then there are still massive people herumgurken on the soon-to 10 years old IE 6. HTML 4 also had at least enjoyed just as long as no direct development (other than XHTML, so what is apparently considered a diversion of no return).
Here there would be 2 options:
The one Ogg Theora, great thing, as open source and completely free. Unfortunately, by about 20% less efficient, which for many is already a knock-out criterion (which stops the development does not come out often and good updates, which then rausholen rückwärtkompatibel even more image quality for the bandwidth). The 2nd Argument of the H.264 supporters against it: if we use it, could someone dig out software patents and sue us. Super prospects then -.-
The second alternative, however, is unfortunately rather wishful thinking: Google as Opensourceverfechter (see Chromium, Chrome and Android OS, all open source) has recently purchased a codec developer. Many therefore ask of Google, the gained codecs of the public to make them accessible (ie, a make once and for all Royalty).
From bad to worse as it were, and the amateur video makers to stay on the track.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Newbornzombie" wrote: ..... if we today have a user manual for Consumercams hits: the license of the used video codec is not released for commercial ......

Begins the discussion / story now again?

B. DeKid


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