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Frage von jthunders:

Dear Forum users,

I once again the seemingly common problem: I can edit my mts files a JVC Everio in any of my editing programs - in fact, I can not import them again..

My situation: I recently became an iMac, with all the hardware in order. I have already researched the topic, go with Final Cut Pro such as convert Toast 10 Tit for - I can not afford it but at the moment. Therefore, I have downloaded Premiere CS5 Trial for Mac. On my old laptop (which in turn was too slow for the cut) I had with CS4 when importing. Mts files that is no problem. But now! When importing is displayed: The type of file compression is not supported.

I have the mts files from the very sub-folders of the camera system. (File: "Stream") drawn on my hard drive, it does it matter? Strangely, this was not a problem in CS 4. And synonymous google provides no similar problems.

Do you have any ready solutions?

Am grateful for any help, the files need as quickly as possible to the cut. Regards,



Antwort von intelll:


Antwort von RickyMartini:

The Trial PPro does not support h.264. With the full version there is no problem, however IMO.


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