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Frage von holsteiner_zerg:

Hello community,

I would like to make training videos, which are then available on the Internet. You can see a simple table to be (White Board) and will then sketch with marker pens. Important to me is a decent sound quality (my voice) and a not too bad Picture. So my camcorder definitely have a microphone jack. So far I have picked out myself after a long period, the Panasonic HDC-SD 707 EC, especially against the background that I would like to use the Cam synonymous for other purposes (holidays). But I have to have a couple questions and would appreciate any feedback.

- The camera stores in Mpeg-4 and AVCHD. What is actually being used for about youtube videos? Even after a long search I find no answer, and I would not bother me in retrospect about the size of my action.

- What do you think generally about it? The Cam currently costs about 730 ¬. With big guns to shoot? With the Canon Legrias I just read too many bad test reports and the test video on Video Active was synonymous erschreckendend weak.

Thanks in advance


Antwort von fly-italo:

I think the cam is slightly exaggerated for youtube.

Youtube may s.liebsten the mp4 format. The format would be ok.


Antwort von stefanf:

For Youtube and Vimeo are the qualities synonymous better. And rather something than to hit right on the head or too little camera. Can you still count down.
mp4, and flv is the format for Youtube, but it is synonymous AVI, MOV and some others. But all the normal format.
Since you just do not, I simply assume, just upload the material that makes no problem prior to export in an editing software so that it fits. And synonymous with the cutting in itself a more s.Bildinformationen is synonymous never wrong.

City Map and is saved with the camera synonymous.

The Pana 7xx is probably the moment the choice par excellence. At best, nor the Sony550.


Antwort von markus-s:

If you really want abfilmen just a white board, then please consider educational films for more if you do not reach as with PowerPoint and Camtasia "professional" results. During filming of a whiteboard you have the problem how to achieve the illumination evenly and without reflection, writing or sketches "readable" to get and (sketch / write) in the correct size for the subsequent video and the creative process is annoying for the spectators, because then possibly someone with his back is to the camera.

If you have to make so no / little real objects or people or make it synonymous with Advertisement (photos) can then offer above combination has many advantages: the presentation is "clean" (clear text, straight lines, the possibility for highlighting, better timing ), reproducible (prescribed? simple typo repair and re-render) and you can better coordinate the timing of the voice-over.

In principle, the SD707 is of course a very powerful Cam, but then came to lighting, tripod, microphones, etc.



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