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JVC Everio GZ-HD6 / GZ-HD5

JVC Everio GZ-HD6 / GZ-HD5

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
April 2008

Review: JVC Everio GZ-HD6 / GZ-HD5 of rudi - 25 Apr 2008 13:22:00
> JVC really was the pioneer for consumer HD cameras. With the GR-HD1, there were already five years ago (at least abroad) a real-720P Camera before Sonyand consorts with HDV came on the market. To count the GZ-HD6 is already the fourth generation of JVC HD camcorder. Whether they are synonymous so the competition is ahead?

Antwort von papcom:

I have been working for some time with a GZ-HD7 and which is on the Mac or on a PC with a reasonable editing program compatible. I must first of all the conversion so that it is somewhat in real time in the editing program expires.
What the testers above the MAC Freundliuchkeit writes is not correct. The included Mac drivers are not with the latest version of Quicktime compatible and can therefore not in Final Cut to be imported. Thus they are incompatible and there arise problems and massive delays. All in all, just a complete crap. The tester then synonymous nor without just try things out of the JVC prospectus in the test write, I simply find wrong.
If there is someone available to the JVC - DEATH - files on a MAC without ado into Final Cut can load into it because I'm very interested. Oh yes ... and the JVC support is a bunch of arrogant, disinterested, incompetent types. JVC - HD Everion --- Bloss fingers away!

Antwort von Jan:

Well, since I must now defend Slashcam a little. The test deals with two new models of HD 5 & 6

When I look at the data still remember correctly, only s.der new HD 5 & 6 the Quicktime Components (Plug Ins) for the support of iMovie HD 6 and Final Cut Pro 5 & 6 included.

Is of course annoying, why JVC plug ins you do not "care" can.
None or why the company has a plan. Well maybe bad day, or false contact. I have JVC synonymous of very good people to know - where hardly a question was too heavy cameras to their concerns.

The TOD files to make their names well worthy .....

I hardly plan with Macs - that is here so a "familiar" Windows "hater" with the Mac in his profile name ...

I think he did but with not much JVC s.Hut - more of a friend .... Panasonic


Antwort von wolfgang:

"papcom" wrote:
I have been working for some time with a GZ-HD7 and which is on the Mac or on a PC with a reasonable editing program compatible.

So I must ask a very ... in Vegas this material can be directly and without conversion import!

And I believe in Edius synonymous (hab now but not seen after extra).

Antwort von frv:


I've synonymous to HD7, which can be divided into Edius embed
it is fast and fun to work without bucking.

Greeting FRV

Antwort von papcom:

"Jan" wrote:
Well, since I must now defend Slashcam a little. .... only s.der new HD 5 & 6 the Quicktime Components (Plug Ins) for the support of iMovie HD 6 and Final Cut Pro 5 & 6 mitgeliefert.Jan

because I must disagree. The QT Componente was, of course, synonymous with the GZ-HD7 while. And there are even in the network of an update patch CyberLink ... I just do not work yet seen. Also I know of nobody in Final Cut Pro, these TOD files s.Laufen would have without it they do not have QT converted.

No it is definitely s.unkooperativen behavior of JVC. The aim this time ladies and gentlemen to head lead. They are either lazy or arrogant ... but both of them will sooner or later hurt.

Antwort von papcom:

"wolfgang" wrote:
So I must ask a very ... in Vegas this material can be directly and without conversion import ... And I believe in Edius synonymous (hab now but not seen after extra).

I wanted no editing program to come close ... market leader but are probably still Premiere (WIN) and Final Cut (MAC). In addition, I have already tried some time Sony Vegas s.ein them. Nothing doing - anywhere where I then ask you rejected their hands and wanted the program does not know. In Edius, I tried it with NEO ... and there went the JVC TOD files not.

I m glad, I am that your JVC your death, you can edit files directly, but out there there are thousands vobn users are left alone to feel laborious umkonvertieren need ... THANKS all JVC and their incompetent, free employee motivation.

Antwort von Jan:

But not the latest components. JVC has been used as explicit "new" makiert in HD 5 & 6 Naja is synonymous not my problem because what JVC dovetailed ....


Antwort von papcom:

It would be nice if this time a user would be to say the GZ-HD7/6/5/3 files smoothly in a Final Cut Project has imported. The experience can say exactly how, with the means to achieve.

Antwort von stepa:

I had the JVC HD7 for a short time to test. Since the image quality in the area under all Lowlight pp. and was also called the optical Image Stabilization only on paper is present, I have the Cam, again returned. Ok, the housing and handling are exemplary, but what use this if the main thing is not true?

On the question. I had my test recordings with Final Cut Express 4.0 (ie the new version) without problems logging and how to read. However, it is only a plugin installed FCE and then converts the TOD car accordingly. Since I am a new MacPro with 8 cores had declined synonymous quickly. On an equally new iMac with Dual Core (2.4 GHz), however, it was announced long wait.

In other words, it is but the hardware should already be strong.

Now I have the SonySR11 and the films known in the AVCHD format. To run FCE on my MacPro only way.

Unfortunately, JVC's own cooking soup and verscherzen it slowly with the clientele. They had now the new model, all the possibilities from the mistakes and what do they? They provide a HD6, which slimmed down to HD7 off. Although with good image stability (finally), but without viewfinders and other important details. Likewise, it is the new Canon HF10/100.
Since one has to wonder what you as a customer for these companies is worth more?

Antwort von papcom:

yes importing death files in Final Cut Pro on the QT Componente slowly. The question I would have to @ STEPA:
Goods with you the files in Final Cut Pro synonymous with red / orange bar to render on the timeline?

Antwort von stepa:

Well, sorry. I have unfortunately not respected

Antwort von videojockel:

If still need s.einer solution:

Did the HD 5th

You need Quick Time Pro, the update of the Pluf ins JVC
and it is running.

For questions, please contact us.

Antwort von papcom:

this sounds so interesting. I have QT Pro because I have with Final Cut Pro work. And I have exactly the File of the link that you have posted. If death I want to import files, then wait for each file I always mindstens approximately 3-5 minutes to get the video file on the timeline have ... and then it will appear with a red / orange Baldken ... so ungerendert. Any further processing is not in real time. I have every movement and change render.

What does that mean for you (@ videojockel) from? Please enter details of times. Thank you.

Antwort von SnoopSL:

Hello together,

Klink now I like to.

We have three weeks of the GZ-HD5 purchased and are also working with FinalCutPro. Disaster! Even me, I've rung the hotline and am unfortunately only pushed on unsuspecting people.

We currently have about 100 clips to the HD-Cam now manuel on QT Pro to be changed. Here's a little tip: If you have a MOV with H.264 created, you must do it in Final Cut Pro to render no longer synonymous.

Time is the whole and all, but simply not acceptable!

Be me now to look for a tool that any function of the batch has. If this does not work, we bring the thing back to the dealer of confidence.


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