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I had a friend in my JVC GR-325E Videocam s.PC via firewire angesclhossen as editing system he uses Avid Liquid, but the Cam of Avid does not recognize. The operating system is Vista 32bit, the Cam, the system will be properly recognized, we need for the Avid editing program have an extra drivers, or how else could it go?

Thank you in advance for your efforts.

Greeting super troll


Antwort von vager:

versuch already in front of the camera connected and switched pcstart it.

I knew not at the Avid runs on Vista?

Test times with the theme of the search, we had so often ...


Antwort von thos-berlin:

mE Liquid is not released for Vista, which of course does not mean that it is not running. (Otherwise Known that would not synonymous).

What you and do not betray, is whether or not DV or HDV. I think have read that a "new" Cam for their detection only once with DV material to the PC losläst. If it works, you can probably now synonymous HDV capture.

Addendum: I have working in the DV Edition Note found (there was a Sony)

From the use of VISTA (all versions) is not recommended at this time. Liquid example is not (yet) Vista-compatible


First DV camera setup in Liquid, HDV Camera, failing completely to try and recruit DV from a DV tape to capture.
Only when it works, system shutdown. Parking

Camera of DV to HDV convert HDV tape insert. Play run. (Long enough to tape)

Now restart Calculator, now appears "Found new hardware", "Sony blabla", nice wait until message "hardware can now be used"
Liquid Only now start checking all the settings (HD2/50, MS subunit,)

If all settings are correct and synonymous HDV timeline (!) Is set, and you have the logging tool starts, you have HDV can preview and capture, ie, the clip in the rack lose the exclamation marks (no media) and has content


Antwort von supertroll:


first thank for your efforts. the material is DV. The previously with the cam and then connect the PC switched on, we had tried, but was not synonymous.

Greeting super troll


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