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Frage von giby2010:

Hello forum community

addition to a large JVC cam we bought now synonymous a "smaller" JVC GZ-HM1 and want to edit the recordings of this camera on our AVID workstation.

Now spits out the JVC GZ-HM1 * MTS files as unusual films and none of the images can be import in Avid Media Composer, open, edit or otherwise.

Does anyone know the problem and remedy?

Or it may be that JVC's largest consumer camera with a proper editing is NOT compatible program?

With thanks for an answer!


Antwort von Bernd E.:

I know only of Avid software away, but it looks easy from here as if the MC the AVCHD format can not handle natively. The problem can be convert to an intermediate codec (DNxHD?), Which was perhaps more space occupied, but that just makes the cut.


Antwort von giby2010:

Thanks Bernd E.
An Avid MC 5 on a 4 month old HP workstation will not tolerate AVCHD, this does not seem quite possible.
Moreover, the HD data processing of our great JVC GY-HM100 problems.
Thanks, but still at a loss ...


Antwort von Bernd E.:

Anything is possible, when software is in play ;-) But yes, it should now be no problem, using the help or the manual to determine the behavior of MC5 with AVCHD material. HM100 that such difficulties do not make is to explain: it records in AVCHD XDCAM EX instead.


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JVC GZ-HM1 movies into Avid Media Composer?

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