Infoseite // MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2007/08: After completion problems with change of scene

Frage von zoffel:

The processing of the film and the burning took place properly at first. After cutting the film with the timeline was tested mode. The film corresponded to the desired result. There were no voids present.
But: The burned DVD then 3 had defects whose causes are unclear:
After 18 sec duration was the change of scene for the first time included a portion of a following scene later. This result was not included in the timeline mode. Even for single image viewing with the help of zoom in the arranger (1 frame), this defect was not present. Minutes after 1:22. again carried an insertion of a partial scene from the film later. And finally, in the further course was part of a clip inserted by Rohfilm, which was used not at the home movie.
How can we fix these errors?


Antwort von nicecam:

Well, there is probably a remote diagnosis difficult.

Do you have the posts in question since time rausgerendert separately? Saves time, at least.

And a question quite s.Rande: If using in the movie, perhaps synonymous WMV files or similar?


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