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Frage von Bejzi:

Hello s.alle.

I recently an MPEG video in Media Player open, where was displayed a DivX watermark.

So far I have thought that DivX video can be only in AVI. Is this a new format? Perhaps MPEG4?

Thanks for the help.

Ajde cao,



Antwort von Stefan:

1 / DivX, MPEG, MPEG4

2 / Why do you think it is an "MPEG" file? Just because the ending is MPG? This has nothing to say.

3 / The video synonymous would eventually have been a DivX video and the conversion to "MPEG" appeared on the watermark and is mitverwurschtelt.

Good luck
The fat Stefan


Antwort von Gast1:

Your video was in a "previous life" once a DivX file. When you encode to MPEG file from the DivX DivX decoder will open and there will inevitably be shown the logo, and encoded as a part of the picture.


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