Infoseite // MPEG2 editing with Premiere Pro.

Frage von Prinz_Jens:

Hi Folks,

I would like to edit my recorded material with MPEG2 premiere. And while I recorded from TV with my TV card (Hauppauge WinTV150) something (MPEG2 format) and it now wants to edit in Premiere.
However, if I try to be jerky while watching the preview image so strong that you can not work properly with it.
Do you have a solution?

Premiere Pro version: 7.0

Your Calculator:

Pentium 4 with 3GHz
ATI Radeon 9800 pro

It is therefore not lie.
Can there possibly be s.den codecs? Because I had to reformat my computer, from brief and now have a new version of Windows XP on it.
Perhaps because I lack even a few codecs, as synonymous with the "normal play" as the MPEG2 video. it comes with RealPlayer s.and too little jerks, especially when one is fast vorgesprungen to a job.

Thank you in advance for your help



Antwort von Prinz_Jens:


For DV material (avi), the picture is not jerky.


Antwort von GhostDog:

Hello! have the same problems. Have you now a solution? If so I would be interested.
N. Heni (n.heni @


Antwort von matthew:

to load at all synonymous to edit mpeg2 and you need the v.1.5.1 .. So update!


Antwort von Markus:

Strange ... I can edit MPEG2 even with Premiere 6.5. Why is it not with Premiere Pro?


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