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Magix Movie Edit Pro 16s are available of heidi - 2 Sep 2009 12:18:00
As an astute reader has noted, the Magix editing software now available (version 16; Thanks for the note!). Added to that is, inter alia. a secondary color correction to have a new itineraries animation, a PC-performance-measurement and an object-zoom function, with the selected areas to enlarge the timeline, so that the effect settings will be easier to edit. Areas of color-and test pictures can be generated by click, the title synonymous editor has been improved. New in the audio field, the level display for audio files are import and improved audio Vorhörmöglichkeiten (in the timeline, scrubbing), and the Music Editor 3.0. In terms of exports, the DVD menu design completely revised, AVCHD discs can now create with animated menus, synonymous, there is a direct exports on Vimeo as well as HD-Export for YouTube.
These changes mainly concern the pros-and premium version, some of which are synonymous for the base version 16 for 69.99 (; can be modified with the way nachwievor not AVCHD) - a detailed version comparison can be found here. The premium version for 119.99 euros includes the proDAD Mercalli Expert (; for image stabilization), proDAD Adorage SE 10 HD, and an XXL Nachvertonungsarchiv. Video Deluxe 16 pros is $ 99.99.

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Antwort von scrooge:

Salut together

got the demo already installed and and times reingeschaut.
Are they really useful improvements there.
As a Premiere user, I am pleased with the audio playback by scrubbing bar. Premiere has been for years. The workflow when working with the timeline in VdL I've always liked rather than in Premiere. The new zoom feature is really great, for example, when dubbing the audio waveform view, etc.

Slashcam to the editorial:
VdL you have not tested a long time. We wärs with the version 16? ;-)

I would also like to find a tutorial times, made in the step by step with a professional dubbing VdL is.
Then you could explain for example how to distribute the sound tracks s.besten s.den whether one should apply before the compressor and then the equalizer, or conversely, when to prefer one effect on the track and when rather submit the clip as Mastering s.end should look like, etc. Just once the workflow of the beginning to end.
Does such a gibts already? I've found none yet.
I like the fact dubbing in VdL better than Premiere Pro. Since the synonymous VdL has strengths in the manuals and tutorials are too little notice.



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