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Frage von Jürgen F:


after I spent a lot of work with my SonyHandycam of the 505 and DVD recorder input VOB files in full length and with sound and without quality loss in 2007 Magix VDL could capture (how accurately you can in this forum to read), was the further processing in Magix VDL a children's game had all VOB files created a movie, with subtitles, screens, etc. I built this disc synonymous own project created.

However, now when you burn the disc project to DVD-R problems emerged:

First came the message that "smart rendering" was off, then came the message, whether the first source VOB file (VTS_01_1.VOB ") for the film" movie name "should be used. One choice is the actual movie (the disc has only one Project film) to use, I have not seen.

As a result, is now only the first part of the film, but with the fuel in the menu shown of the opening I created layout burned. When playing on PC or DVD recorder breaks then the whole thing but after a few seconds.

Enough space should be there: to the DVD-R 4489 MB fit and the disc has Project 3289 MB.

Can someone please me this, give a tip?

Thank you, Greetings, Jürgen


Antwort von Busfall:

How did they have to read the problems with it.
Greeting Busfall


Antwort von Jürgen F:

My Passion you can read here:

Ie first check whether the Codex AC3 is installed. Then the next trick that I do on the Magix website found:

- Right mouse button on the short movie to the storyboard frame length and redefine
- Movie Close - Without Saving
- Creating a New Movie
- VOB-file again to the storyboard drawn: Everything Paletti

My burning problems, I still: Magix Hello community, I can here someone please help?

Thank you, jürgen


Antwort von Jürgen F:



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