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Frage von JoniFroni:


I have a question
and although there is in the Video Pro X feature Multicam mode "where you can play videos at the same time and then as a Directing by clicking the video simply can summarize.

I am interested now, however, whether the function as a kind of video mixer can use:
ie. So I take the videos vers. Camera images have the live s.den Pc are connected and I then by clicking the Live Picture will be a beamer picture forwared can.

If it does not give, please help me to find a program, with which I can do something:
So 1-3 Camera (Live) s.Pc pictures by clicking the same s.einen Beamer can continue to play live.

Thank you!


Antwort von Frank B.:

In an editing program, you'll probably not be achieved because the data will be digitized.
You may find help here:

Gruß Frank


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