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Frage von Michaell64:

Hello everybody!

I would like to know which program is the better? Is probably synonymous again a matter of opinion.
I would like to create home videos (family, etc.) with a few nice effects and transitions. What Your würded me as a friend for a program? I'm not sure I get the LS version of Magix Video Deluxe Premium, Pinnacle 12 Ultimate, or buy.
Maybe yes may be one or the other me his opinion about the programs communicate.

Thanks already times in advance,



Antwort von dominator-video:

I have both on my calculator. Schneider but both with not much. With AVCHD as Studio 12 is clearly better. Magix For there are always problems. From the price, there is no difference synonymous. Both get on Amazon or Ebay for under $ 100. But perhaps I can eingefleichsten Cutter Magix studio and say more.


Antwort von Ficeduld:

Yes faith, I think. Both have already had. Currently working with Magix, I've become accustomed. I appreciate working with many tracks. Vegas have recently tested, but found no reason why I should change. Well .... I know that the "professional's" just about Magix smile, but what the heck. What one makes of it counts.


Antwort von immanuelkant:

so, can really equal good on Pinnacle Studio 11 saying. Am extremely pleased: very stable, powerful and effective!


Antwort von Markus73:

"immanuelkant" wrote: so, can really equal good on Pinnacle Studio 11 saying.
Even I as a fan Magix join me at times: One hears about the new Pinnacle versions overwhelmingly good, in contrast to earlier versions.

On the subject VdL Magix can I say: There's a free demo version for testing, which you should do:



Antwort von Conducator:

Pinnacle Studio has - since the code of professional tool Avid Liquid Edition has been taken over - in the two latest versions moulted really! For the amateur and synonymous with standard tasks for the Semi-Pro really recommend it! It comes very quickly to excellent results.


Antwort von Starter:


I'm just of Studio 11 Ultimate Ultimate converted to 12 and must say that I really am very pleased ...

Anyway with the existing effects and the very extensive music library (Scorefitter) can quickly achieve great results.
The new and old plugins like "Boris Graffiti, Magic Bullet Looks" and "proDAD VitaScene" allow a professional figures of the videos.

I have the new "Deshaker" (a video-stabilization program) as plug directly into Studio 12 Ultimate inserted ... see the link below (this homepage I would like to recommend you, it belongs to the best in the video section) .

Well, I hope you somehow have to be helped and wish you much fun with the next shoot ...



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