Infoseite // Matrox HD-SDI scan converter for under $ 1,000 - above

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:

This is news to report with pictures and link to the pages slashCAM Magazine


Antwort von filmmaker001:

Matrox MXO sold the old as a new product.


Antwort von Valentino:

MXO was still no HD-SDI signals or generate?

Thus, this is already something new, with one man of BM or AJA such DVItoHDSDI or toYUV synonymous for less money and get the converter thus not really what is new.


Antwort von filmmaker001:

The MXO is HD / SDI
see link:


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Sorry, I must ask as a layman technology something?

Why do we need this thing?

Is this meant for example, sports programs durchscrollen where the guys during the break football s.Ihrem Wacom Cintiq a scene live shortly and this will be sent directly then?

Because the moment I can not quite imagine it?


Ok I know "live drawing events where the" now just "painted picture is beamed directly via the projector s.The wall.

For an explanation, I would like to thank before.

B. DeKid


Antwort von Horsti:

So in the event you can use the super thing. People should be many PC images with live video mixing images. If we now have a SDI mixer has, because you can connect the camera and a PC and clean mix.


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