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Matrox mit H.264 Encoderkarte CompressHD für PC und Mac

Matrox card with H.264 encoder CompressHD for PC and Mac

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
April 2009

Matrox card with H.264 encoder CompressHD for PC and Mac of thomas - 21 Apr 2009 14:29:00
The specialized processor CompressHD the PCIe x1 card accelerates the compression of H.264 videos (with up to 50 Mbps) on Blu-ray, the Web or mobile devices to high-end PCs significantly - according to Matrox example of the encoding of a 20-minute Videos for Blu-ray compared with an 8-CPU Mac Pro in less than a quarter of the time. The PC integrates CompressHD in Adobe Media Encoder, the Mac version integrates into Apple's Compressor. The price for CompressHD PC / Mac comes with Matrox of 449 euros or $ 495 given - the map is available in the summer of 2009.

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Antwort von motiongroup:

as the encoding of a 20-minute videos for Blu-ray compared with an 8-CPU Mac Pro in less than a quarter of the time.

and what is now called ...?? 20 minutes film have lasted 16 hours and now 4??

have you ever viewed the madness Chart ... ich hau mich weg equal .. brave new world I can say ..

Antwort von jazzy_d:

Probably have about 20min and 90min needed now is in about 18min if I understand the graphics.

Antwort von domain:

Then 1080i probably around 1:1, making the AVCHD - itself already the beginning of s.können. Vegas would not synonymous poorly made, sometimes with hardware accelerators to address.

Antwort von motiongroup:

nönö turns as much as trans-coding from to ... look at times the format ... and from what it is created ..

Imagine times a 1080i / p 30/60 or 25/50 Project before ...

Antwort von DV_Chris:

Well, the hardware has been around for autumn 2008 and called TGV FireCoder Blu:


So why wait for Matrox?

Antwort von domain:

As always synonymous, WoWu already said more than a year ago predicted that accelerating H.264 without coprocessors would not be fun.
And just as it is still made today, would be for me personally no NLE without connecting s.standardisierte GPU interfaces, or engines or s.SPURS MATROX etc. or what ever synonymous always in question.
We thought it sooner hardly possible that MPEG2 would be even more compressible and it is so - but with what cost?

Somewhat dubious progress in my eyes and see the so synonymous with various reviews of the EX1 / 3 and JVCs etc., where not a professional so synonymous only one word used over the mpeg2 codec H.264 occasionally loses and i only even Overkill is designated.
Even the i7 Processor, a quad-core with four additional virtual cores, so a total of 8 threads will not take much, it helps nothing, AVCHD is only through additional specialized hardware coprocessors.

Antwort von Jörg:

So why wait for Matrox?

Whether you're waiting for Matrox, or since the autumn of 2008 at NEN simple 64-bit Drivers for the GM card ......-

Antwort von motiongroup:

Somewhat dubious progress in my eyes

absolutely right, I'll give you domain ... s.Kunden past worked perfectly, especially the hobby schnibble to play in this case, even nasty with.

Conopus bruzelt via Firecoder .. for more than 400 eggs
Matrox via CompressHD for almost 500 eggs

and now imagine it in front of this part of 167 eggs from NONAME up costs and is the only of what I am responsible for part detection devices to the established producers differs ..

Clearly, this part latürnich does not work with Edius or Matrox Suite.

It does not matter because it would be synonymous but the Cudaengine give NVIDIA yes, most of the modern age one way or the other have built ..

Unfortunately, the current software, this technique only for the final rendering process tries ..
Edius and most other programs use it only for the output ..

But there are always innovations and so I see the technology as a study of this firm clue that God is synonymous else can go ..


Regardless of whether the user is on such software Clicki bunti alla Kai Krause mild smile but when it should be technology carrier.

Imagine the front of this technology including the Cuda track engine support in the rest is already in development in a professional version which is also being planned is on the market.

Antwort von DV_Chris:


The Blu FireCoder runs on Vista64.

Antwort von motiongroup:

s.nun ...

Antwort von domain:

The development of mpeg2 (of me under a new name) would be subject to the condition that there be no further compression intentions would come (today at the Cam-sector anyway no more pork intertessieren) certainly have become market leaders, namely: much better quality at the same data rate and without any major computational effort.
But is the AVCHD codec for stillbirth of my house and only by the initially low storage capacity of SDHC memory and by the low bandwidth on the Internet at all to explain.

Antwort von MK:

"DV_Chris" wrote:

So why wait for Matrox?

Because the streams in contrast to the competing product, perhaps with standard Blu-ray authoring programs might work? ;)

Antwort von Gast 0815:

Nevertheless, there seems to be enough to give companies that are (currently) in the acceleration of encoding a lucrative market, see, or such as selling point for their products used.
Interesting synonymous in this context, the attempt is inserted the Playstation3 (http://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/home/permalink/?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20090416005366&newsLang=en)

Greetings from Marburg

Antwort von domain:

For us the next videographers usually not interested in advanced multimedia capabilities of this I confess AVCHD codec s.Rechenleistung of an additional 30% - 100%, despite the synonymous for professionals (EX1 / 3) do not seem relevant to a better image quality, of our demands quite to remain silent.
But 600% -1000% overhead, as now for a mere AVCHD are clearly too much, no preference how much heating millions of transistors in which device the result is always synonymous with disproportionately high costs may be calculated.

Antwort von jazzy_d:

So nothing would h.264 hardly an Emmy (or so) receive. Who does because mpeg2 on a Blu-ray? Or on a "miniBD on DVD? Hardly anyone. Is there anything h.264. And has nothing to do with AVCHD Internet streams to be done. But without h.264, we would now not so geile HD streams. Sure is a botch AVCHD for amateur filmmakers Atom without a PC. But somehow there are many things unhappy grad mixed. Seems to me.

Antwort von Jörg:

"DV_Chris" wrote:

The Blu FireCoder runs on Vista64.

soso, it's not like the company forum, since you'll be the Messiah, if you explain ... You should, however, the announced! Drivers think now that it has been frequently but not delivered.

Antwort von Yerri:

"jazzy_d" wrote:
Who does because mpeg2 on a Blu-ray?.

I eg (HDV)

Antwort von domain:

"jazzy_d" wrote:

Sure is a botch AVCHD for amateur filmmakers Atom without a PC.

So it is and just as I meant.
The sector can only play of mine from many Oscars get extremely zusammengewuzeltes mpeg4 material.

Antwort von motiongroup:

So nothing would h.264 hardly an Emmy (or so) receive. Who does because mpeg2 on a Blu-ray? Or on a "miniBD on DVD"

None, at least I do not because I Schmarrn way or no longer use. On the other hand, look at the specs for BR s.and you search a list in which the codec movies on BR to be implemented ..

h264, VC1 or Mpeg2 .. and then check the distribution of these formats.

Here is a link to it ..


you amazed that the story not so AVC heavy ....

relating to track engine, it would have been easy for software manufacturers compliant card to support the SDK on this subject. Toshiba has this card on their Qosimo series since the beginning of last year built not only the manufacturer supports it.

For me as an Edius user since it is a disgrace for not even a laptop-house solution there.

In addition, it again said that the Cuda Engine purely in Comparison to the track better suited as engine based on the availability of the story is far better covered and as initial tests showed even works s.die fast track engines.

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Who does because mpeg2 on a Blu-ray?.

I do it, the best solution of an HDV-based camera!

Antwort von jazzy_d:

@ Bruno
Not everyone has a PS3. And the "normal" BD player can not stop 25MBit / s s.DVD play. And there does h.264 with about 15-17 Mbit / s have more sense than mpeg2.

@ domain
It is in the cards so is not the synonymous AVCHD editing, but the h.264 encoding.

Just because things are mixed, the "nothing" to do with each other!

Antwort von eva:

"jazzy_d" wrote:
@ Bruno
Not everyone has a PS3. And the "normal" BD player can not stop 25MBit / s s.DVD play. And there does h.264 with about 15-17 Mbit / s have more sense than mpeg2.

Since I make different experiences. The Samsung BD-P1400 plays such discs (created with VEGAS PRO) from liquid.

Gruss Eva

Antwort von jazzy_d:

I correct myself ...... not all of them.

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