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Media Markt PC Packard Bell für 999 ratsam für AVCHD-Schnitt?

Media Markt PC Packard Bell recommended the 999 for AVCHD editing?

Frage von sabbler:
Mai 2010

Bin s.Grübeln know if I buy this PC is. Certainly do not want me cobble together a PC from components. The 999 Euronen press I can.

Supposedly hidden behind the Packard Bell iPower I9810GE
in reality a acer, mmn not know what could be so wrong.

The PC has an i7860 processor,
a graphics card. ATI Radeon HD5850
To a 1 tb and a 500 gb hard drive.

Here he comes off pretty well:

Antwort von SammyGray:


so I would not buy produce from discount stores and specialty market.

I build together for over 10 years, my PC itself and always had a lot more performance, quality and above all compatibility for Money :-)

How is because your previous out?

Want to synonymous change in future, the editing software, because then the graphics card will play a role. Since the GPU can be much more strips. Especially when going to Effects etc.

Regards Sammy

Antwort von sabbler:

So my current PC already has another quad core, however, is 2.5 years old and thus left out. And a new craft or crafts will be for me the question.

What was I so read the graphics card seems to be installed in the PC market Media yes to one of the better ones. Go times assume that that would be suitable for AVCHD editing?

Software-I am with the Pinnacle 12 ultimate quite happy, after I had to say goodbye after the conversion to AVCHD camcorder of my Ulead Media Studio, unfortunately.

Have a PC-alternative in mind:
Aspire M5811 Intel Core i7 860 HD5850
Intel Core i7 860 4x2, 80GHz / 6144MB RAM / HDD 1000GB / ATI Radeon HD5850 1024MB / DVD ± R / RW DL burner / 18-in-1 card reader / Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit)
here at cheaper notebooks:

Once again, my question: Are empfehlenswet the Calculator when you whistle to cobble together the 150 Euronen for yourself. Which would be good in your eyes? Have you ever thank you!

Antwort von SammyGray:

First of all I think it is always important for the installed components (Manufacturer, type, ..) to know with complete PC. Just when ramsch hard disks and memory are installed care is provided.

Often Nvidia cards are supported. I do not know how it looks at Pinnacle.

Even with the PC you do not know what is installed. There are even providers that you wish to assemble your PC. Or go buy everything myself and in a PC shop.

The finished PC is indeed often synonymous preinstalled and vollgemüllt accordingly.

Regards Sammy

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Sabbler" wrote:
.... And a new craft or crafts will be for me the question.

Intressant These!

I agree to SammyGray - everything you buy in bulk - screw that stuff in about 10 minutes together and installed about 1 1 / 2 - 3 hrs on it that you need and is good.

If you have fertigSystemen eh synonymous first make the whole system if given flat nor exchange hardware and play everything fresh again.

Conclusion tinker rather what their own and be happy.

I recommend to you an SSD drive for the system and plates Raptor to an external drive as a backup or a NAS - no ATI cards but Nivida and the flutscht quite well.

B. DeKid

Antwort von cutaway:


With Pinnacle if you are working, I would ask the question (mainly because of graphics card) times in the Pinnacle forum.


Greetings cutaway

Antwort von rush:

G'd evening ...

So for the budget you should easily be able to edit AVCHD ...

I think the question whether ATI or NVIDIA graphics you will say what everyone else second ...

I use an AMD quad core with onboard ATI graphics and have no problems with the snip of AVCHD footage ... Whether you as a potent Nvidia or ATI GraKa next brings so much I doubt it ... Pinnacle Studio synonymous wonder whether any benefits from ... .

I "used" my own rather Calculator synonymous assembled ... On the other hand there are very good times always synonymous complete packages in which sound components are fitted. Should we simply stop trying nachzuschauen / find out what exactly s.Komponenten is installed.

In regard to the future is missing from the linked PC MUs still the Blu-Ray drive or better yet, a corresponding burner to bring the unit does not seem to have.

Antwort von Mink:

There are online stores because you can put the stuff together and screw themselves for a small fee to you the clean together. In the Media Markt, Aldi, Bla computers put in 90% of all cases s.irgend a scrap inside the body then can become a bottleneck.

And where you pay too much! ... The technology is in the Packard Bell get minutes for you. ¬ 150 less ....

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