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Frage von Guest:

I'm looking for a sound editing software. I could Iene time with Vegas Pro 7 to work and am absolutely convinced. Now I would like to buy a version, however, is a new Pro too expensive.

What would you advise me:
- The Pro 7er Handycam version of ebay (unfortunately no DVD Architect)
- The 6-Movie Studio + DVD (because cheap and video tracks more than the current version)
- The Movie Studio 8 (because 5.1-Support but only 2 video -/Audiospuren)

I make short films hobby but, in the absence of the burner and play equipment for HD, only SD.

Thank you!


Antwort von Marco:

I would either Movie Studio Platinum 8 take. Or, in the United States favorably Vegas Pro 8 as an OEM version (without DVD-A) order. There's Vegas Pro 8 (without the DVD-A) is currently converted for around 125,00 Euro to get.



Antwort von Guest:

Thanks for the tip ... ;)
Did Movie Studio 8's 5.1-full support ... ? So can I use different tracks assign different speakers, as in the Pro?


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