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NAB 2010: Panasonic kündigt AVCCAM Camcorder AG-AF100 mit 4/3 Zoll Sensor

NAB 2010: Panasonic Announces AG-AF100 AVCCAM camcorder with 4 / 3 Inch Sensor

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
April 2010

Here it comes to news reporting with links and images on the pages slashCAM Magazine

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Still looks right "painted" in the picture ;-)


For less than 5 K, it would be a bomb ;-)

B. DeKid

Antwort von ruessel:

O God, ebay is flooded with Canon DSLR and accessories manufacturers to file for bankruptcy .....

Antwort von domain:

So this is the mental projection of the missing from the left. This development was actually a logical and overdue. Now you have to make only good designers to work.

Antwort von wavearound:

Slowly they check it -

At the price I panned-

Antwort von Christian Schmitt:

Edit: Was early today.
Have looked up a little and wait with my harsh criticism from first. HDMI and SDI s.Board and a mock was synonymous been shown time behold how the part is designed ...
Moreover, it is not my market, 2 / 3 "Manual Fixed Lens in the HVX Body, that would be for me the perfect mix of DoF and Run 'n Gun.

Edit again: http://twitpic.com/1eycf3

Sony's Answer ...

Antwort von LarsProgressiv:

Hi Everyone,

this is indeed the right direction, but unfortunately provides nothing for my price range. (Max. 1000 ¬)

Too bad.
But it is a beginning and will follow the development is probably synonymous in the low region.


Antwort von NEEL:

Nice design:)
What I miss is a holder for the Camera-Mic. Fishing is better if the Panny has thought so, but sometimes it's not bad to grab a shotgun to the Cam ...

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Neel" wrote:
... What I miss is a holder for the Camera-Mic ...

This design model is missing much more than that, but there it was probably only drum to show the shape of the housing, so that one can ever get used to it. Here's a Stillimage of a slightly more advanced version:

Antwort von emu:

Certainly a step in the right direction, but why a 4 / 3 chip and not full frame, as in the 5d?
Beautiful, that you "can use normal" Lenses (save the one with herumgehampel the 35mm adapters), but it can not be so difficult, a camera like the 5d (which has even fooled's nice) to optimize video capabilities through and bring in a film practicable for housing?

Somehow the Herumgeeier with the chip size for me, not quite understandable: while they are larger but are seldom the way to the end and the Panasonic pricing may be the Cam safely settle back in the 4-5k euro area - as seems to me the 5d Despite various restrictions still the better choice to be.

Antwort von PeterM:

@ Emu

Because most with a full-frame sensor can not handle.
While it may be with the 5d nice, but the camera is so well made and not primarily for filmmakers for ambitious photographers have been, and since the use of photo glass is an option but certainly not the rule. Since then on it is probably glass film.
Well what Red has begun here will continue even.
Bin s.gespannt what it will cost a thing.

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Emu" wrote:
... Why a 4 / 3 chip and not full frame, as in the 5d? ...

The Panasonic is aiming a video camera to a pure-bred (semi-) professional audience, and because other things are considered DOF fetishism or Lowlightfähigkeiten to a close up of a black hole. The MicroFourThirds connector allows for example the use of synonymous in the film industry widely PL-optics, which would not with a full frame sensor.
I was rather surprised that Panasonic has in his "Scarlet counterpart" on AVCHD and a 12MP sensor. Interestingly, the new, no doubt, synonymous when it take a long time until the first test.

Antwort von Jan:

@ Lars - so you have it in the fall of 2009 synonymous already know ....

survey market opportunities-for-micro-four-thirds-camcorder-with interchangeable lens

Well, have a look how to behave the exact Prices and the equipment.


Antwort von domain:

So the 4 / 3 "sensors, I would find ideal for video films. They lie with 17.3 * 13 mm (at 4:3) between the 16 and (closer in), 35mm film and a 50% higher than comparable 35mm depth of field point KB-on Lenses (Factor 2), but still could make quite nice DOF gimmicks.
Moreover, all could be a little delicate, including Camera lenses.
It would be important just that, not 11 megapixels on the sensor, rather than just welfare 2.1 megapixels, but that nice big light-sensitive.

Antwort von Paul*Berlin:

The cam may well have really great features, but I personally find it very, very ugly!! Since I find the handle men much more beautiful and when I shoot with the newly presented in the public "should be" I might even be ashamed. Sounds weird, but I think Sun But if I would then deliver technically excellent images, it would apply again: he who laughs last, laughs s.besten! :) Will it make me but for now not eh:)

Antwort von blip:

UPDATE - According to the NAB-Envoy of the DVXuser forum was one of Panasonic unofficial price of about $ 6,000 for the AF100 called - the inscription is with caution to enjoy, but that would at least have a number times. In the thread, there are also some photos of the camera of the press conference, although blurred but they give a better impression of the camera as the rendered model.

Stillimage here, more there in thread

Antwort von srone:

Perhaps it's all just me, but I feel the panasonic semi-pro cameras are all very ugly, no argument certainly striking, but a little elegance in design can not be that hard.



Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

said contemptuously look like all the irons!

Elegant design and excellent tactile feel is different.

That said, however, synonymous Panasonic salesman.

Antwort von domain:

zum Bild

Back to the roots. Form follows function. An ancient and good design principle.

Antwort von srone:

@ Domain
much nicer than the new panasonic. Do you want to apply not as a product designer at Panasonic? probably would be beneficial for all involved a true.



Antwort von domain:

zum Bild
Can you feel it? That BIG breath of fresh air in the film community?
(Red-One in ihrer Urform)
Form follows function.

Der Marcuswagen sah usprünglich synonymous eher wie eine Kutsche ohne Pferd aus.

Antwort von Manuell:

Video: AG-AF100 and the 3D Camera :-)


Antwort von LarsProgressiv:

I had even imagined: 6000 ¬.

Even if the price with more optimistic attitude represents an upper limit, there is unfortunately no Konsumerkamera.

And because of the design. I think it's not so bad, the other, it's all right, the handling is more important. But if the camera is handled now worse than other things?
To me it often appears as if the camera people are too s.die a camera or other forms, are used to.

And if there were painted in the picture even more buttons and wheels and levers and displays, some readers would find it provides much more professional.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

"LarsProgressiv" wrote:
I had even imagined: 6000 ¬.

Once again I am here acting but it had only just had the dates written in the new Canon XF models ....


Furthermore, the whining far too early - but waiting times NEN moment - no Manufacturer's so stupid and makes itself through excessive pricing broken the paragraph!

.................................................. ...............................................

@ Domain

The shown Agfa reminds me s.meinen beloved shoebox with soil as a jam jar Lens ;-)

And the RED Cam - but so does the heart beat of any CNC chickens ;-)

B. DeKid

Antwort von LarsProgressiv:

Hello DeKid B.,

¬ 6,000 or $ 6,000 for me is a tiny little difference.
Things will get interesting for me in the vicinity of $ 1,000!


Antwort von B.DeKid:

So for 1000, - I would blind buy the Olympus E-P2!

Cool concept, stylish design and from video I produce a clear YES ;-)

B. DeKid

Antwort von alwin:

The video does not say s.schluss the list price of U.S. $ 21,000 !!!???

Antwort von rakzak:

"Alwin" wrote:
The video does not say s.schluss the list price of U.S. $ 21,000 !!!???

Yes, but that is the price of 3D camcorder ... (In the video camcorder 2 are presented).

Antwort von LarsProgressiv:

Hello DeKid B.,

the Olympus E-P2 has one serious drawback:
no pivoting and rotating display in high resolution.

Good night

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