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Neue Canon XM2..Probleme beim capturen mit Premiere 1.5

New Canon XM2 .. trouble capturing with Premiere 1.5

Frage von Krity:
November 2006

I have 2 weeks before the Canon XM2 purchased and must say I am very pleased what the Camera s.sich is concerned. When I first capturing the video footage I wanted festegestellt-preferences, although I have observed, see above the screen is always easy distortion. Eg: I have a mountain on the landscape and when I filmed the camera down and had steered the blue sky has disappeared there are slight distortions s.wenn See above picture of the mountain is touched. Why? I'm very grateful for any response ..


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Chris,

times have you shut synonymous image or a screenshot of this distortion?

Antwort von Krity:

Am I happy that I still ne bekomme.Ich will reply as quickly as possible a machen.Sagst me your email then send it to you I would be super if you have to then you could say ..

Antwort von Markus:

You are logged in the forum here ... Simply hanging a JPEG s.Dein next post, then other members may be synonymous something to contribute.

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Antwort von Krity:

Hi Markus,

So it would not get if I n Jpeg purely ... would you see it, unfortunately, only in moving pictures .... see above edge s.der cutting edge between the horizon and as the recording you make is a slightly distorted line s.aber only s.den places where the edge is broken (I'm doing a swing from heaven to the person, if the head touched the edge now see above is characterized in exactly this area where the head is cut from this slight distortion) .. maybe is something you, a yes if not would not be quite so tragic because I always in 4:3 format movies and my movie with the letterbox exportiere.Da would take the next small question: is it useful in Premiere ne mask to create and on the video track, or each clip to scale. Bez scaling I always have the value 12.5 how can I put it exactly ausmitteln or is there a guide or something .... Merci scho times in advance for your answer.



Antwort von Markus:

"Chris" Krity "" wrote:
... it would not get if I n Jpeg purely ... would you see it, unfortunately, only in moving pictures edge ... see above

In this case, hanging a short WMV-File, which previously has been compressed ZIP. This will probably all my requests (which I otherwise would have to formulate only) may be unnecessary.

"Chris" Krity "" wrote:
... because I always in 4:3 format movies and my movie with the letterbox export.

Why this?

Antwort von Der Die Das:

That sounds rather a defect of your camcorder.
Based on the description, I suspect that the error always exists. For an even surface (like the sky) is not noticeable.
I recommend test shots with a lattice (test image) and possibly
Complaints to the dealer / manufacturer.

Antwort von Krity:

Since the Canon XM2 electronical stretches the picture in 16:9 format and the whole is no longer beautiful ausschaut.Besonders not in snowboard area where I mainly film technically untterwegs am .... I will be there at all times cases synonymous with the test sample picture.

Antwort von Markus:

I thought you movie in 4:3 mode and letterbox draus do afterwards. Was denn nun? ;-)

With a test image / video, I would have to match, if the problem ever since has been ...

Antwort von Krity:

I film in 4:3 format correctly s.dich ... my question was: until now I've pretty circumstances individually scaled my clips ... that's a lot of work and yes it is synonymous einfacher.Problem: I am not yet so with masks in general in the Premier rumgespielt. Have you heard the mask is created where the top and bottom of the scale is (No problem 2.How high is the scaling number) and in the middle is transparent to the actual video track looks voila .. And so I imagine the vor.Könntest you help me please?



Antwort von Markus:

Scale (size and / or Height / Width change and re-render) is something other than black bars on a particular screen area to lay. Perhaps therefore synonymous the misunderstanding.

Such a 16:9 letterbox mask in Premiere to be applied is quite simple: Start the Titler, click on the button "template", choose the first-set from the "masks" the template "mask bars above and unten.prtl "and then put the title in the top video track, so above all else. The center will be set transparently car, the black bars cover the rest

That's it.

Antwort von Krity:

".... Start the Titler, click on the button "template", choose the first-set from the "masks" the template "mask bars above and unten.prtl" and then put the title in the top video track, So above all else. The center will then auto transparent ... "

Thank you for your promt reply ... there's only problem again n sorry ... I'm working with Premiere Pro 1.5 and can not find the described way of you and the button templates are not ... there are provisions in effect in the effects Project window, but there are only a blur or edge bevel, etc. .. .... SOS drin ^ ^


Antwort von Markus:

Wow, Adobe has about the templates deleted? The description applies for Premiere 6.5.

Otherwise, you could even synonymous black rectangles in the Titler and produce this video to your basket. The rectangles should be a Height of 72 per pixel, if the visible detail to be exactly 16:9.

Antwort von Wiro:

"Mark" wrote:
Wow, Adobe has about the templates deleted? The description applies for Premiere 6.5

Nööö, which is at 1.5 and 2.0 synonymous otherwise.

@ Krity
Do exactly what Mark has written.
Not in the effect of templates, but in the Titler in the templates.
Gruss Wiro

Antwort von Krity:

Wiro @ and @ Markus .... sorry guys, I was a little confused've finally found it. It is called the synonymous in the German version of letterbox matte and I did not synonymous with creating the title sought na ja ... creative chaos .. . klappts ultimately wonderfully ... I say many many thanks and good night .. see you soon


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