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Nikon D90 vs Red Scarlet

Nikon D90 vs Red Scarlet

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September 2008

Nikon D90 vs Red Scarlet of thomas - 7 Sep 2008 15:34:00
Mike Curtis (HV for Indies) attempts a comparative point-by-point estimation using the (known) data from the technical capabilities of film and Nikon D90 with the eagerly awaited Red Scarlet usbezüglich sensor size, price, lens quality / options, codecs, image quality and storage capabilities .

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Antwort von Cocoa_Magazin:

Haha! I can only laugh! Man! This is just the beginning! And ... RED, it will be 2009 on all type yet? I think

WIN: Canon!

Antwort von raymaker:

-wrong thread -

Antwort von Valentino:

I believe that after you here in Germany already synonymous one or the other RED production had the RED is probably very quickly for absolute nurnoch Low and No Boudget productions.

As good as no producer is RED with the consequent problems to buy, if he opts for a little more money synonymous a D21 or F35 can afford. Please do not cry now, yes I am aware of a RED s.sich hire with the standard optics only one tenth of these costs, but a RED because of overheating or too many details in the picture and not crashing einsatzberreit is synonymous caused a non-negligible amount s.Lohnkosten.
Quite aside from calls for a camera as opposed to the rest of the Equiments such as light and Setbau synonymous only a very small part of the full production costs.
Tortzdem there are always these strange RED users who believe that just because it is a RED purchased, they can make great movies ;-)
Whether RED Now, Nikon or Canon are all good possibilities provided for Indie filmmakers s.Movies closer look to shoot, unfortunately, still lacks only the function of the Hollywood script by PicBrigde same print.

One of the DSLR, which will probably only a few seconds or a few minutes could record, because the CMOS imager something hot if they work too long. Exactly the same problem, there is synonymous with the RED.

Antwort von Jan:

For HD video with the D 90 should be 5 min.

Canon is a little shocked and surprised - as we hear. We hear but synonymous Page of Canon that in the very near future, the archenemy main rivals Nikon and there defy want.

But we wait times from Sony Provides soon so synonymous new cameras - the so sleep is not synonymous.

Red is synonymous these developments do not just well, a niche, now big companies have grasped the potential.


Antwort von Cocoa_Magazin:

RED is easy to become arrogant. A reply to emails you never receive. I voted for my next project and expected times come, including the two RED Lenses still synonymous at 35,000.00 euros. A NUMBER of 4-6.000 euros then you have to make and do not know when and whether the things will actually get.

RED had a good idea. But each had to be clear that if the development is in RED so long drags, Canon, Nikon and Sony will be faster Other .. güntiger much.

Antwort von PeterM:

Again and again, fun to switch the RED lead controversies.
Est times but all should be happy that RED with their development a very nice boost purely brought.
On the other it is synonymous please remain objective and not prayer wheel old error is always here and always mention that occur due to premature delivery.
With the latest build 16 are the results of image sharpness etc what are Sony and Arri least equal or better part, and his infamous CODEC ERROR rare. And the boat is synonymous issue will probably soon be solved
On the other side RED fanboys should just take note of the RED in some areas simply as a film camera is unusable. Arri's mechanical shutter is simply a novelty and included the Arri viewfinder hardly be superseded by RED.
And of SonyLowlightfähigkeiten RED partially can only dream of.
So I see the RED tend not prof in movies or even Hollywood productions but rather in special applications such as super-widescreen movies or exhibition in the museum, etc.
We have for example with both the RED for a Domeprojektion as synonymous for a 120 degree Panoramproduktion rotated. And since it is already great when Kamerea halt in the house has to cost-effective pre-test to drive.
But let us for the Scarlet Topic eigendlich versus D 90 back.
Everyone with the D90 has tested over the frightened his moderate image. Each HV 30 Canon A1 or creates better images and scale if the DOF and the possibility of lens shift provide essential needs and what Letus Covert usually synonymous always the better outcome.
But as I said in an earlier thread, I think it was seen around the CASIO will be cameras (no preference wech version) Video function with their (big) market, especially for the ambitious photographer synonymous times just a little HD video on your HDTV Television want to show.
WHETHER the Scarlet will be a success, who knows. We will be more likely to know the end of next year.
Until then wahrscehienlich synonymous and then I prefer EX1 / 3 or if money is not enough against a Canon A1, and even though I certainly subscribe RED and am glad I am to belong to REDusern.
A little Scahlichkeit at the whole issue urgently RED does not.

Antwort von Jan:

Thanks for the post - very interesting. I read the capabilities of the Nikon unfortunately not yet seen. However, it is Red on the spring of 2009 only partially happy ....


Antwort von jazzy_d:

I think I take for my next film synonymous a Fotocam :-)

In my view, the discussion of liquid as superfluous.

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