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Frage von klinsman:

bin grade in my new laptop to test.
The first thing I notice is that I'm now in Adobe Premiere Pro no longer have my video in MPEG-4 to convert. The function no longer appears on. I need them urgently.

On my two old PCs, I had the opportunity to choose between Windows Media codecs MPEG4 video V3 and ISO MPEG-4 Video V1.
I wonder now why the codec is missing. I have exactly the same as first version on my old PC's installed, of the same CD.
Could it be because I have my old PC, the German version of XP and use my new XP with a Spanish version is running?

Where can I get the codec now s.schnellsten come from?

Greetings and Thanks


Antwort von Strahlemann:

About the Quicktime module you can but synonymous MPEG4 export?


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