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Hello Together

I have the following phenomenon and hope anyone of you has an explanation:

I copy the data s.der P2 via a PC laptop on a small USB hard disk (Camera From Panasonic HPX-2100 Windows NT formatted).
From this I copy the data for HD editing on the Mac (Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format).
This workflow has always been working properly. Now I can look at the data one card in the FC, as well as Panasonic P2 CMS does not program. However, the same folder works s.der small HD.
So something must happen in the copy of the HD on the Mac ....

As said dubbing does this always works. Also I have copied all the data, it will not fold easily.

Has anyone any idea? Thank you for your messages!


Antwort von tatita:

Perhaps umlauts in the folder name in which the content folder is located?



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