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I have been working hard yesterday with the handling of P2 data in the post-production. Specifically, I with MAC OS X and Avid Media Composer 3.1.2 working on - but I think this thread is more general, and not only interesting for Avid users.

Initial situation:
I have received video footage from abroad, which was rotated on P2 cards. The material arrived on external hard disks. First I've got a backup on an external RAID done and then I looked at the material in Avid Media Composer (; via File -> Import P2 -> Clips to Bin)

To my disappointment, I realized that a lot of scrap is on the recordings here: Disarm, Total blurred, and total minutes on the floor of irrelevant stuff.

HOW MISTE ME FROM SOWAS most effective?

My intuitive approach so far:
I went through the material in AVID, have everything that is useless, marked in color. Interestingly, the media files not just delete, probably because the P2 folder is mounted as a disk, and not located in an Avid Media Files - Folder.

So I manually deleted the associated data: Bin leave and (all related files in the Finder, file name is indeed unique) searched and selected. I did not immediately delete everything by hand but my own (; backup)-P2-created folder (; also: CONTENTS with the necessary subfolders) and (individual files, folders from the AUDIO, CLIP, ICON VIDEO - PROXY and VOICE are empty) moved to it.

Testhalber I have my backup folder opens in the P2-AVID (; AVID before restart) and everything checked. Ran perfectly.

So, now I've made it so for a lot of good clips and could at least 10GB s.Datenmüll erstmal rausräumen. "My Backup folder I then deleted permanently after completion of the project.

This is surely not a very elegant solution, right?
What other options do I have left, a P2 folder with clean BEFORE I cut the folder and Archives him?

I am so far only on P2 Log (met pro;, what I have to watch more closely. Is this just the software I need?

Schonmal Thanks for more tips!


Antwort von snoopz:

I would put you in this case, once close to the free software P2CMS. This is the Panasonic's proprietary content management software for P2 and my personal experience, it does its job very well. (ask google for a link)

You can search for it was read into the database of the CMS, the P2-view clips, tag, and log in, delete, above all, synonymous copy and, with the software copying is synonymous to verify a size comparison.

And these functions is probably quite enough for you. To save space in our SAN-editing environment, I usually only consolidating the relevant Takes a rotation out of the P2CMS out to make available to them to make the cut. Just because the software can generate a single, large, virtual P2 is very convenient for you probably synonymous, because the AMC 3.1.2, if I remember correctly, no AMA volumes mount. Since a combined card with all the takes probably even a work relief.


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P2 folder cleaning muck out "or (; Avid Media Composer 3.1.2)

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