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Panasonic HDC-SD9 vs. Sony HDR-CX6

Panasonic HDC-SD9 vs. SonyHDR-CX6

Frage von cami:
Mai 2008


I'm new here in this forum. Maybe someone can give me so help in my decision.

I want to buy like a camcorder.

It should be a no mechanical drive. I have now, after a long time ago and that the Panasonic SD9 and the SonyCX6 envisaged gefast.

Now yes, the few differences. Panasonic advertises with a 3CCD chip (because of the colors), Sonyschwört on CMOS. What is now the better, or you can see the little difference?

Panasonic is a Resolutionvon 1920x1029 pixels and 1440x1080 at Sonyof. Sieht man das überhaupt?

I have at home have a tube TV with AV, RCA and S-Video input. The Sonyhat indeed an S-video output, but that means that I am directly s.den Television can go, right?
Of course, in the future PlasmaTV follow, but only when the old strike.

What does it mean for the component output?

With Sound Sourround assume yes to both, right?
I have an 5.1 installation home.
Do I have the camcorder then connect with the plant, because of the sound?

I would mainly leave in the shooting, of course, synonymous in rooms. I am looking for a compact camcorder is not too heavy and easy to use.

I put particular emphasis on good course, good picture quality and sound. Is it possible that his shots on holiday synonymous s.Camcorders not only have to listen to but synonymous (headphone port)?
My old Sony Hi8 camera of Hatte das

About an answer I would be very grateful.
If anyone thinks for what I want to make a completely different camera out of the question, please write.

Thanks in advance!


Antwort von alvaro:

A very hot tip:
Canon HF 100
If the sharpness of her top s.der are.

Antwort von cami:

Thank you,

I got the Canon HF100 times, is really a hot part.
It has no 5.1 sound, you need the eigendlich, or is that redundant?


Antwort von Jan:

Hi Cami,

if you want the bottom line as the address (complete) to insert, then you have all 3 cameras with Test & Comparison Test images.

http://www.videoaktiv.de/index.php?option=com_camcorderdb&Itemid=107&Limit=LIMIT +0% 2C +3 Testu & =% & price = <= 2000 & Manufacturer = &% M_Sys AVCHD & mod = = = Digitaleing% &% &% & Analogeing = = M_F microphone jack% &% = & Sort = `` & VAD_Testurteil_Punkte = DESC & aufab Viewfinder = No & Testvér HD = & Submit = Search

For the test, I must say, Canon has 12 months warranty and the Lowlightbild is posted in my view, not with the same conditions has been made (1 / 50 sec) - for me, the Canon Picture after 1 / 25 sec from. But better is the Canon Picture all.

The search you have probably not yet used, there will be daily said that full HD in the class is absolute nonsense, because most cameras do not even create an optimal 1440x1080, Panasonic is Last of the 4 best companies in the line pair resolution ca = good 500.

The same applies to the 5.1 "pseudo" sound, and he had nothing with a good 5.1 sound system to do, but these camcorders have in a small space 5 mic capsules grown to such a sound to simulate. CX 6 has only 3 capsules fitted to their 5.1 sound ....

The problem is - the capsules are too closely attached together. One or the other with those camcorder has 5 capsules a slightly better sound. At the end you give the sound synonymous on the red white RCA or HDMI for HD devices with no optical cables as in 5.1 sound - you have to identify the fake.

The YUV or RGB component signal is an improved S-Video, which not only the color and brightness separately, but each color synonymous. The connections you'll very rarely find s.alten devices are often s.HD devices.

In the price category has 1 chip technology enforced, JVC and Panasonic 3 CCD try with a better color style (which is synonymous partially succeeds), but by its 500k pixel sensor, they have against Sony & Canon Chipper 1 with just over 2 million effective pixels in Image sharpness is clearly the worse cards, what the test prove synonymous.

The Canon HF 100, the two in passing ...

Sonyhat more expensive memory cards that should be considered synonymous.

A pure headphone output, only the Canon of the three. S-Video only Sony.

If you actively want to run DV editing you should carefully consider a AVCHD Camera zuzulegen. HDV models such as SonyHC 5 & 9 or Canon HV 20 & 30 would be wiser.


Antwort von Jan:

The RGB color space, of course, has no separate brightness component (Y).


Antwort von gtom:

Brief report on the experience SD9:

1) There is a cam you anytime and anywhere gladly takes on the plight of women synonymous times in the ever-present handbag may be stuck.

2) Even though many AVCHD upset (I had my problems so synonymous ...) Even in the "smallest" Resolutionbei of approximately 6.5 hours of video on a 16GB card can fit the material on the calculator into sensible SD be converted to MPEG2 are not as long as the HD Writer software of Panasonic used.

3) The sound is more or less useless, so compact Dolby 5.1 installed can not work properly ... Nevertheless, at least the front channels of sound coming from in order ...

4) Full-HD recording synonymous work flawlessly, but the colors are somewhat overstated. HD editing is an affront s.PC long as you do not have a mega-Calculator has (since you can loose again the purchase price for the Cam Calculator lie down ...)
Until the remaining equipment completely as a full-HD is available (Blue-Ray burner, drive, Calculator, TV) can be as above but as MPEG2 SD cut on DVD ... Until then, the prices are synonymous for the AVCHD - Cutting Equipment ... :-)

5) The cam is suitable for left-handers (handling of the joystick with your left hand - an important sales argument for myself ..

6.) to the telephoto zoom is flawless, recordings are synonymous in Verwackelungs-free, in 16:9 formats, it is generally difficult eh shots with the hand is not wrong to keep ... :-)

So if you focus on the SMALL, COMPACT and submit an acceptable quality is good with this cam operated. Professionals will be for others to decide Cams ...

gruss gtom

Antwort von cami:

The m ith the sound garnicht I need, but it is logical.

Thank you

Antwort von gtom:

PS: I can not understand why the manufacturer the option SD recording format does not offer ... Software Technically it should not be a problem as synonymous with the SD9 a DVD-compatible MPEG2 stream to the memory card to write ... That would be an option for the transition of SD to Full HD and in time could MPEG2 material of any editing program processed ... ?

Antwort von Jan:

If the size is important, you should see the new look SonyTG 3 - much less to go to more .... Sonyhat massive delivery problems - the camera is running without end, less because of its good quality - more because of their orientation, their size and the titanium alloy.

zum Bild

Yes, the SD (576i PAL) quality of the current can only Sony AVCHD recording, then went for the Pana SX 5 I think. News is not Canon or Panasonic. Why not - no idea!


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