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Pinnacle 9 - bearbeitung mit mpeg datei?

Pinnacle 9 - editing with mpeg file?

Frage von Martina:
Juli 2006

've got a question time and hope with the help jmd can.
I downloaded a movie, etc., and rotated am with the normal processing scene long synonymous with. Did the film schonmal then burned as an mpeg. Now, I have the following problem and although I could make no comment s.meinem Pc shots and am therefore went to the tonstudio. Now I have the recordings finished and the film indeed synonymous. In the absence of Pinnacle tonstudio I could not paste the soundtrack on my computer and I can not export the movie.
To me it always says can not recognize the file. The film is burned as an mpeg as already said. So how do I now edit the film into the studio again, I can druntersetzten the soundtrack?

Antwort von Markus:

Hi Martina,

DVD creation is indeed only s.Schluss of video editing, where all content is finished. Given that videogames (and thus the video) had not yet finished, I am assuming that the Pinnacle video editing project still exists on your calculator.

In this case, open the Project, add the comment, and export the timeline as a new MPEG2 file. If the MPEG2 - and audio file before contained synonymous, it is sufficient to re-export only the sound mix on.

Then open the existing DVD-Project and the MPEG2 share them - or against the new audio file.

Antwort von BeaBea:

hab ne synonymous pinnacle mpeg-issue, which is why I put in this thread (hopefully ok?)

I have a video (avi format), I would like to put on a website.
so I loaded it as a new pinnacle in the project and then output as mpeg. (there could not be) much more select.
now the video is still 82 MB (for a duration of 4 min) has
is it normal or can I still make less without too great loss of quality?
And if it is less possible, how and what settings there are the right ones?

pinnacle studio version 9.1.2

Thank you ever taken Answers

Antwort von Markus:

Hi Bea,

try to compress time from the Windows Media Encoder. This really can make a video in considerable quality even smaller.

Related topic:

Antwort von BeaBea:

Hi Markus
Thanks for the tip
've downloaded the program times
but if I understand it, there is only convert to *. wmv?
I have no option but leave to mpeg

The other thread has not helped because, unfortunately synonymous - as we went synonymous only to wmv

Antwort von BeaBea:

here are the tech. Dates:

width and height: 384x288 (or 352x288, and 192x144 go, but this strikes me as too small before picture)

mpeg1 compression (it's synonymous going mpeg2)
cbr bitrate (vbr still, no idea what that is)
Data Rate 24oo Kbit / sec (I make less, goes 25o kbit / sec)

mpeg2 compression (? there is nothing else)
sample rate 44.1 kHz
Data Rate 224 kbit / sec (goes down to 64)

Now before I begin, rumzuexperimentieren with the data rate:
bescheid because someone knows better?

edit: hab grad seen that a distinction is made in the data rate between small and large K ...

Antwort von Markus:

"BeaBea" wrote:
but if I understand it, there is only convert to *. wmv?

That's right, the WME can only convert video files to WMV format.

"BeaBea" wrote:
I have no option but leave to mpeg

Why? - And if they do: What MPEG? There are many of those (see synonymous

Antwort von BeaBea:

"Mark" wrote:
"BeaBea" wrote:
I have no option but leave to mpeg

verschiendenste Grounds
usweil it is already set as a link on a page, where the films can be adjusted only as *. mpeg file.

(viell is a similar question as with sound files, mp3's as synonymous, the more favorable compared to wma format. Microsoft format are just not as universally playable)

"Mark" wrote:

What is MPEG? There are many of those (see synonymous

I know, I've already wrote himself of mpeg1 and 2, which I can pretend to pinnacle;)

But as synonymous mpeg file, the film would still 'small' to be making a 82 MB / min for 4?
Does anybody with "data rate bescheid" have to say at what rate videos still a good quality?

Antwort von BeaBea:

so, now I'ma rumprobiert
and create a new mpeg-video with data rate 1ooo Kb / sec (rest as before).
the synonymous running oké. (and has only 4o MB)

but the rate had fallen just as I said - no idea, what could be still possible?

Antwort von Markus:

Which data rate is reasonable, can not say a flat rate. Several factors affect the memory requirements and the quality of the video file. Plus a few clues:

A video with higher resolution (larger window =) usually requires a higher data rate. An asterisk Picture does not need the high data rate as a moving picture. A detail-rich picture needs a higher data rate than a less detailed or blurred picture.

If I compress video clips for the internet, I usually expect from various settings and try an optimum balance between image size / quality and file size to be found. If reckon the data rate of the video within the lowest DSL download rate (768 kbit / s, reserve), then DSL users can already see the video after a short buffer time, so no long need to download anything. ;-)

BTW: If you s.Computer Video recordings for an application will save, think synonymous s.eine correct aspect ratio, it is usually either 4:3 - as synonymous 16:9 videos s.Computer reproduced in 5:4 format.

Learn More:
Pixel Aspect Ratio vs. video. Computer

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