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Pinnacle DV 500: Fehlende Frames beim Capturen

Pinnacle DV 500: Missing frames when capturing

Frage von InMotion:
November 2006

Hallo erstmal! Recently the shooting and had the same problems: - /

I just build me a pure PC DV editing. Software is primarily the included Adobe Premiere 6.0 Where did it all went fine, installation order as prescribed adhered etc. - but the capturing of video from the camcorder's problems:

Camcorder via firewire:
- Control of the camcorder via the software works 1a
- Pure preview it in video mode "DV video blabla" smooth, fluid and smooth, CPU load rises to 30-50%
- Pure Preview Video mode "Pinnacle AVI blabla": No pictures at the preview (but images are recorded)
- When recording is switched on: Getting around 100 frames are correctly recorded, processor load increases steadily, reaches 100%, thereafter it almost every 10 Frame lost.
- RAM remains unused over 90 MB!
- Hard disks are not as loud or
- Have been synonymous to display the video on the desktop while recording off to save power, has brought nothing

Camcorder via composite:
- Pure preview does not display images on the desktop (???)
- When recording on running, the CPU usage goes to 100%. The saved video is full of dropouts

- Asus CUBX motherboard (as of dv500.de for the card recommended) (Intel BX chipset)
- P III 750 processor, 256 MB RAM
- Easy-AGB Sound Carte (ATI Rage 128)
- Basic 10/100 LAN (3Com 3C90x Family)
- Easy soundcard (Terratec 128 i PCI)
- Data disk 200 GB, 7200 RPM IDE
- Hard Disk Drive 10 GB, 5400 rpm IDE, defragmenting
- WinXP Professional
- Reiner DV editing PC, no other software installed
- All equipment (synonymous to DV500) are the latest drivers installed by the Manufacturer

The cards are inserted so that the calculator auto own IRQ assigned for the DV500, which is shared not synonymous. (IRQ 10)

Problem Devices:
No, however, COM2, LPT and USB intentionally disabled

System resources during operation:
Until now, during the operation, synonymous during the capture, at least 90 MB free RAM, swap file is always around 240 MB rum. Paging file is on the way, fast hard drive data. CPU load at idle 1-3%.

Would really cool if someone could help me. I'm with my Latin is pretty grad s.Ende :-(

Gruß Martin

PS: Question is synonymous in videoforum.de it:
http://www.videoforum.de/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=pinnacle&action=display&num=1164714198&SID =

Antwort von StefanS:

The calculator is a bit weak on the chest, especially for XP, but a similar configuration under W2K is synonymous with me a long time without problems gewerkelt, but with an AMD CPU and not with Premiere but MSP.

The following are my questions:

You captures on the large plate?
This disk is defragmented?
The plates run in DMA mode?
Somewhere a question mark in Device Manager?
Really no other software is not synonymous virus scanner?
No. of plates runs in Kompatibiltätsmodus?


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"InMotion" wrote:
I just build me a pure PC DV editing. P III 750 Processor

For today's DV editing PC 750MHz clock frequency should be very tight s.der the lower limit of its functioning.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Eva Maier:

Look at the Pinnacle Kombetibilitäts list whether your Boart a "!" You will then need evtll. the PPE tool.

Eva Maier

Antwort von InMotion:

Thanks in advance!

750 MHz is low by today's standards, but the DV500 is synonymous older and on the work with "lame" systems designed. Recommendation of the system and of Pinnacle www.dv500.de is 600 - 1000 MHz, minimum requirement is 450 MHz. The suitable motherboard I've synonymous, of demher my system corresponds exactly to the recommendations.

"... Mainboard ... highly recommended here would be the ASUS CUBX ... in connection with a PIII FCPGA FSB100 (eg 600-1000 MHz) processor. The processor speed plays no role so much, because the calculation of the video by the hardware codec is done and a fast processor is no big advantage. "(www.dv500.de/faq.htm)

@ Stefan
You captures on the large plate?
>> Yes, the 200 GB 7200 RPM IDE

This disk is defragmented?
>> This disk is completely blank and formatted NTFS

Somewhere a question mark in Device Manager?
>> No, everything installed correctly. All Drivers partially on manual updated. Only USB, LPT, COM2 are deliberately disabled

Really no other software is not synonymous virus scanner?
>> No, nothing, just a bare Windows

No. of plates runs in Kompatibiltätsmodus?
The plates run in DMA mode?
>> Do I need to check! Sign me why again

@ Eva Maier
Do you think this compatibility list?
http://www.pinnaclesys.com/docsupport1.asp?division_id=8&langue_id=2&product_id=564&product_name=DV500% 20DVD & page_id = 343

Since my board is synonymous and my chipset (440BX) funny is not it. Despite explicit recommendation from www.dv500.de (so) ... Synonymous seems an extremely good and stable chipset to be.

PPE is Pinnacle Performance Enhancer, right? What exactly do the with my system?

Gruß Martin

Antwort von Markus:

"Bernd E." wrote:
For today's DV editing PC 750MHz clock frequency should be very tight s.der the lower limit of its functioning.

@ Bernd: I had recently tried, DVCAM s.Office PC to capture (but only via firewire, no DV 500). This has at 500 MHz clock frequency works perfectly.

Here's the link:
DVCAM recording with MiniDV camcorder eindigitalisieren?

Actually the lights synonymous, because a PAL video comes only with 50 Hz 500 MHz are a million times faster ... * haha * ;-)

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Mark" wrote:
a PAL video comes only with 50 Hz 500 MHz are a million times faster ... * haha * ;-)

Well, since hätt "I myself synonymous but it may come! ;-))

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Markus:

Bernd, you, incidentally flour - quite independently of the above discussion. ;-)

Antwort von Der Die Das:

Interim Update:

Stefan 'tip was right:

it was probably s.DMA mode the hard drive. My big hard drive data will not be recognized as DMA, is therefore working in PIO mode, and so overwhelmed the Processor hopeless.

Hab mal test on the system disk captured (which is correctly recognized as DMA). Result:
- Display without recording: approx 75% processor load
- Recording without display: approximately 20% processor load
- Recording with display: approximately 80% processor load
> Keim each single frame is lost

Thanks in advance!

Where Sogut. But how can I ensure that my data drive as DMA is detected?
- Hard Drive: Samsung SP2014N (200GB 7200U/min)
- IDE controller: Intel 82371AB/EB
- Chipset: Intel 440BX
Drivers from the chipset, I am quite worried, but to update the PCI controller is probably not suitable. For Samsung hard drive provides only manuals in download, no tools or drivers ... And in the manual is synonymous nothing new.

We had problems installing the plate a few problems with the detection. Finally, we have disabled it in bios and of Windows systems. It was then synonymous since the 200 GB. Tip came of its acquaintances, sysadmin, I did not quite savvy. Could it have anything to do?

@ Stefan: What exactly is with the compatibility mode for hardware in WinXP is all about, I could not somehow find out ...

Gruß Martin

Slenderize system with these tips: Was fast and has just 50MB of RAM free well done!

Antwort von Burckhard:

Hello Martin,
Why not try the controller in Device Manager to uninstall the data on your disk is responsible. One of the tab: IDE ATA / ATAPI controller is for the data plate jurisdiction.
Then the system down and re rauffahren. Play the deleted primary or secondary controller detected and installed again and then hopefully synonymous DMA recognized.

Antwort von InMotion:

Hello Burckhard,

Controller is difficult to uninstall because s.gleichen the system controller synonymous plate depends ...

But I look at the data plate as a device uninstalled. After rebooting it was back again, and as previously detected as PIO :-(

Oh, incidentally, it is NOT so that the data plate with a slow IDE device s.Controller hang together (and hence the speed of both devices is low, etc.). It depends s.primären controller both hard disks and controllers s.sekundären the CD drive and DVD Burners.

I will at times the opportunity to test what happens when the disk as secondary master or so alone s.den controller depends. Perhaps it will indeed be properly recognized ...

Antwort von StefanS:

Look in Device Manager, whether the detection of the plate is automatic and whether you have a box underneath is not the option "DMA if available" to activate it.

Unfortunately, I sit straight s.einem Calculator in user mode without access to these options is running, you can not really remotely.


Antwort von rapunzelchen:

Hello Martin,
the problem that the DMA mode is not recognized, is often in many DMA errors when reading data. That might apply to you, because you indeed initially problems with the disk did.
If you my first tip does not make it, maybe you can use the second:
By Editor Regedit to the registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Class \ (4D36E96A-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318)
This includes additional key called 0000 or 0001, etc. Most of 0001 is the primary channel, but you can find out if you are in the key guckst. There is DriverDesc example: Primary IDE channel. For you it is the primary. Next there are the key called MasterIdDataChecksum and SlaveIdDataChecksum.
When you need the value of slave ... deleted. Delete value by typing the name and click Remove button press.
Before you do this, you should see the registry files with the option Export.
System down and rauffahren and now it should go.

Antwort von Eva Maier:

If it is already in the installation of the hard drive was not right, you should check whether the times really is gejumpert.

Otherwise, the total loss of time to time already preprogrammed.

Called then:
The disk is not formatted ....

This helps only - include a record of the Bios synonymous correctly detected.

Eva Maier

Antwort von InMotion:


hab jetzt mal test the bios back to auto-detection mode, the hard drive disconnected, normal calculator and started down again, again angeklemmt plate and simply restarted.

- Panel recognized (200GB or 186, something)
- Ultra DMA 2 mode detected


Thank you s.alle!

Antwort von StefanS:

Thanks for the feedback :-)

Have fun s.jetzt


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