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I'm using 8.12.7 and editing studio for some time, the rolling of lecture DVDs. Meanwhile, when I talk / DVD No. 3 am and arrived here shows for the first time a strange error: The 2 sided menu, which divides the film into 120Minuten Chapter 2x6 is fine in the preview window with view to the respective opening image of the sequence. After the rendering and burning to DVD but the menu of the DVD does work well, but the menu windows are empty content and it's just the frame to be seen. As I said, the first two projects were running smoothly. Has anyone any idea what could be the problem?


Antwort von Gast:


Whence comes, I have not yet figured out.

At my Project has helped to bring about this studio to re-render the menu pages. To this end I have changed the start up screen for the icons and / or the Articles out and her last.

Good luck!
A guest.


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Pinnacle Studio 8 DVD-ready rendered DVD Menuproblem at

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